Like Like The The The Death: Cave Jenny

Though Cave Jenny only marks their second release as a band, Wisconsin’s Like Like The The The Death are far from newcomers to the world of music. The group is a small composite of Milwaukee’s rock scene, as drummer Dan Hanke is the owner of Latest Flame (the label they’re signed to), Michael Merchant is the guitarist for noise-rock veterans IfIHadAHiFi, and guitarist/screamer Anthony Weber also serves as vocalist for the trio Heavy Hand. The record, which is due out Nov. 12, is the follow-up to 2012’s Ghosts Of Dead Bro.

Cave Jenny is 35 minutes of barely controlled chaos. Each song brings forth another frantic melody and frenzied bassline. Though the disc identifies more as post-punk and noise rock, there are undeniable strains of pop laced throughout the catchy hooks. The accompanying vocals perfect their manic sound. Bassist Kyle Scheuer provides the occasional clean harmony, such as on “Cropsies,” giving balance to Weber’s neurotic sing-screaming.

As the record progresses further into its tracklist, it begins to take on a slightly darker role. The LP wraps up with “Very Important Fun Person,” an eerie finale that closes with lingering, indistinguishable whispers and the steady tapping of a piano key, which is a stark difference between the album’s opener, “Here Comes Irregular,” which showcases the band’s upbeat, indie pop streak.

One of the most refreshing elements of Cave Jenny is that it is unpredictable. Every song provides something different than the previous, grabbing the audience’s attention and keeping them fully engaged, constantly on their toes.

In A Word: Strange