Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Statik Silence

My local rock squad, we meet once again. Wednesday has become the greatest day of the week, because we can chat local music, of course. Week to week, I try to open my ears and expand my knowledge of the various genres in the local music scene. My goal with Jersey Rock and Local Radar is to try to make my presence known while getting to know other local bands on more of a personal level—not just from a distance through a stereo. I’m not sitting here saying I want to buy everyone dinner or take them on a retreat, but you know what I mean. I truly feel that the more bands and acts you know, the more doors it will open up down the road. As artists, you should all agree and try to achieve this as well, because after all, you can book more shows and get more press if you team up with other artists in the same position as you. Grab a friend, talk about some shows, albums, songs, articles, anything you can to get the conversations flowing about the local music scene.

Now that I have bossed you around and given you a life lesson that you shall cherish, it’s time to get to the topic at hand: Statik Silence. These guys sent me their EP a few weeks back, and I have really gotten into their style and sound. They are one of those bands that know exactly what they want to be. No beating around the bush, no cookie cutters, they are hard, radio-friendly rock.

Statik Silence are somewhat rookies to the local game, but the only thing rookie about them is how long they have been together. They formed in 2013, though most of the members have been playing music together for many years. They’re a five-piece powerhouse from Bloomingdale, NJ with members David, Danny, Drew, Zack, and Ed. They are fresh off the release of their self-titled EP, and I must say, I was very impressed. Before diving into the album, let’s talk about some of their accomplishments and things that they have completed already that many acts strive for their whole careers.

Their Facebook page indicates that they have shared the stage with groups such as Papa Roach, Shinedown and Sevendust. So, you mean to tell me you achieved all of that recognition before your first release? The answer is yes, so they must be doing something right. Being a “radio-friendly” active rock band is one trait that they already have on their side, for they fit in with these other acts while maintaining their own sound. David’s vocals are very strong with an extremely diverse range. Did I mention he also plays piano? That is pretty cool and different if you ask me. Something that also amazes me is the dynamic guitar work. It’s really pure, fierce and powerful. Ed is also a great drummer, for he is not afraid to really hit them. Each member brings something important to the table, making them, well, a complete band. Statik Silence run off the fuels of emotion, which always make for a good ride. For the people who may ask, “Where has hard rock gone?” here is your answer.

I recently was shared the EP by someone in their crew, and I admit, it took me a few weeks to dive into. Maybe it’s the colder weather, or that it’s now dark before I get out of work, or the 50-something submissions I get per week, but whatever it was, I finally got to check it out.

Statik Silence is definitely a well-thought-out release. The opener and leadoff single, “When It’s Over,” is very strong and suiting. They have also been teasing clips of a music video for this track, which I am excited to watch. I could actually hear this song being played throughout many markets. It’s got that anthemic sound that makes you want to throw your hands up in the air at the concert. From the moment the first tune kicks in, you can feel the message they are aiming to spread. They also look the part, almost as if they rolled out of bed and put on rock and roll, effortlessly.

Now, it’s funny how in a moment’s time they can also completely change your mood and vibe, with a 180-degree turn in sound. For example, the track “The World Ends With You” has a slower, more meaningful vibe. They have formed songs that have great melodies, but don’t get it completely twisted, they still have a little rough edge, in addition to some diversity about them.

This album was recorded with Clint Lowery of Sevendust, who is basically a whiz in regards to the market. It is filled with really good, intelligent lyrics, contagious melodies, and strong hooks, which all combine to create that powerful sound with really exceptional musicianship. They aren’t trying to reinvent music here by any means, but are just giving those of you who love this genre a dose of what you are craving.

I highly suggest you check out their social media to find out when they are playing a show near you, because I will join you. I hope they continue to grow in this genre, for it’s definitely what they were meant to play. Having already shared the stage with such huge national acts, I imagine they can hold their own as a main event as well. And while you are at their show, support my earlier theory and get to know the opening acts as well—hold a door, buy a beer, help load in gear. Take it from me, networking goes a long way.

I will be back next week with another band or act of my liking, so keep sending me some ideas so we can bask in the ambience of local music. Spread the message, spread the love, and spread the scene!