An Interview with The Story So Far: Right Here, Right Now

The Story So Far have had quite the year, hitting every nail on the head by releasing an awesome album, going on the Vans Warped Tour, co-headlining with Man Overboard, and now hitting the road as headliners. It’s crazy to think these guys have been a band since fresh out of middle school, and I had the opportunity to learn more about their road to glory. I recently chatted with William Levy, guitar player for The Story So Far, and he is just as excited about the band’s success as we are. Check it out below:

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me! You have had an incredible year, with your new record, What You Don’t See, Warped Tour, and so much more. Compared to this time last year, what would you say has changed the most?

Thanks so much. Well, I’d have to say the fact that we’re touring all of the time. It really has been never-ending.

Yes, you really do tour a lot, which is awesome for the fans! Are you starting to become a little more comfortable with the lifestyle?

Yes, mostly. We love to tour. We can never get too comfortable at home because we will only be home for a few days at a time, then right back on the road! But yeah, I would say the lifestyle is starting to become a little more comfortable.

I want to talk about What You Don’t See for a minute. I feel like this record builds upon what you guys have done before, but definitely takes it a bit further and shows your growth. Have the fans received the record this way as well?

I’m glad you like it! Yeah, the fans have been really cool about it. They react really well to it at shows, and all of the feedback has been awesome. No complaints!

You are just kicking off an awesome headlining fall tour with some great supporting bands that will be switching throughout, and I am excited to see you guys at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on Nov. 22. Do you find that your audience is growing more and more on each tour?

Absolutely, and it’s great. At this time last year, we were touring with New Found Glory, and now we’re headlining, so I guess that says enough for itself!

That must have been awesome. I have to assume they are one of your favorite groups, hence the band name.

(Laughs) Yeah, for sure.

The band just announced that they’ll be hitting the UK with the incredible A Day To Remember and Every Time I Die. I may have to spend my life savings to hit up one of those shows. Other than location on a map, are there any major differences from touring in the States as opposed to over there and Australia, and everywhere else you guys go?

Yeah, that tour is going to be great. But, oh man, yeah. There are so many major differences. Everything from the drive itself to the venues, the promoters, how bands are treated and taken care of. Culturally, everything is different.

Would you say it’s different for the better?

Hmm… Yeah, I think so. I really like touring Europe. We had a great time. Every promoter that we met took great care of us and was super cool. They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. Sometimes venues out here just think of it as another night for them to have bands. However, our tour experiences have all been great.

Now I know you guys have shared the stage with so many cool acts, only listing a few above. However, do you have a favorite concert that you have attended as a fan?

That’s a hard one because there are a lot! I could say in recent months, we went to go see Black Sabbath. The whole band went, we tailgated, and watched them shred for two straight hours. It was amazing.

I don’t know why, but I totally wasn’t expecting that to be your answer.

(Laughs) Why not? They rule!

I think that the pop-punk scene is stronger than ever and that there are tons of bands writing great songs, all wanting to be a part of it. Would you agree with that?

I think so, yes, definitely. It seems good that there are a lot of bands being able to tour.

Now this may be more of a compliment than a question, but I think one asset that makes you guys stand out from other bands is that your musicianship, especially on the latest record, hits the next level, and I feel this is why you are accepted in so many genres, especially the hardcore scene. You guys are very blessed on that front.

Thanks so much. I am so glad you said that because we love that; we get that all of the time. We do our best to stay sharp with our playing. It’s cool that hardcore people like us; we love hardcore. We’re trying our best to stay tight on stage. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s more important for us to play well than to jump off a speaker.

What’s next after the tour? Have you even had the time to think about new music?

Honestly, no (laughs). We will eventually, but for now it’s tour after tour!

Thank you so much for the interview and best of luck on this tour. I will see you at The Stone Pony!

Thanks so much, Maria. See you in Asbury!


The Story So Far will play at Philly’s Theatre Of Living Arts Nov. 21, The Stone Pony Nov. 22, and Irving Plaza Nov. 23. Their new album, What You Don’t See, is available now through Pure Noise Records. For more information, go to