Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Beyond Dishonor

My local friends, we meet again! The holidays are quickly approaching, shopping has begun and, of course, bands are wrapping up the year with some amazing shows! This week, I am going to talk about a head-banging, fist-throwing, mosh-making group that has had quite some success as of late. They have been around since 2008, but with hard work, blood, sweat and dedication, are finally getting the attention and recognition that they truly deserve.

Beyond Dishonor are a metalcore group from Trenton, New Jersey, with members Reese, Mike, Wesley, Mark and Bryan. Now, let me provide you with a slight backstory. Recently on “Jersey Rock”—my local music show on 95.9 The Rat—I have been dedicating a full week to metal bands only. So, naturally, my knowledge of the local metal scene has really strengthened in the past few months, for there are so many bands that I had no idea even existed. I think it’s a really cool feature for some artists to get their music played on the radio that may not have had the chance to before. Spinning everyone from Toothgrinder to Forbidden Territory, I then heard about Beyond Dishonor when they got added to the bill to open up for Bleeding Through at the Starland Ballroom. I instantly checked out their material and found myself really getting into them rather quickly. I then saw they went out to Hollywood to play for Sumerian Records with a few other of my local band friends and took the crown to get a deal with the label. It’s really rewarding to supporters of the local music scene to see so many bands out of our fine state branching out and doing big things. So, there must be something good going on here, you ask? Wrong! There is something great!

I have to take a moment to touch on their résumé and list some of the well-known acts they have shared the stage with, like August Burns Red, Attack Attack, Silverstein, Skeletonwitch, All Shall Perish, After The Burial, Emmure and For Today. One of the best parts about this is they are diverse enough that they would fit right in on any of these bands’ tours. OK, I’m not dropping names here, but there is a lot to brag about. Not only have they been able to make a name for themselves by playing various venues and opening for popular bands, but just think of all the diverse groups of fans they’ve played in front of. I always say that it’s so important to play in front of people who have never heard of you; otherwise, you will never grow. If the same 20 people come to all of your shows, and no one else, it’s most likely destined to be a standstill act. This here, however, is not what we have. They are destined for stardom.

Their single, “Heisenberg,” smacks you in the face right from the get-go with that ‘90s AOL dial-up sound, and if you’re too young to know what that is, you’re too young to be raging at metal shows! This was the song that I spun on the radio, and I got instant feedback like, “Dude, those guys are so hard” and “Woah, Maria, who was that metal band you played last night?” This track also has a sick music video, so be sure to check that out on their page as well. In my opinion, this was the perfect number to sample them with and to use for a single. Why, you ask? Well, there are many reasons. It has a very thrashy, blood-boiling opener, with pounding drums and a head-banging mud section. However, don’t let this convince you that they are a one-hit-wonder, because that is the furthest thing from the truth. I also highly recommend “Otis (Slayer Of Demons)” and “Isn’t IT Lovely,” just to name a few.

Beyond Dishonor have armed themselves with an impressive selection of heavy, strong tracks. Their music is compacted with a metal crunch, hard-ripping solos, some serious swagger, and a nice vocal delivery. The band’s songs may be compelling and engaging, but are fun at the same time. I also love how their sound is very diverse from track to track and different from the last, as it seems like the new sounds they are trying to come up with still remain easily distinguishable as the Beyond Dishonor sound. I personally feel this is extremely important on the path to success in this industry, especially in metal, for bands that never change will eventually die out. Fans like to be surprised and enjoy something new once in a while.

I truly feel that these guys will do great on a label, and will make an even better touring band. With a solid résumé behind them, I look forward to seeing what other credentials they will be adding to it in the near future. Plus, by the looks of things on their Facebook page, they are working on some new material that I cannot wait to spin again! Another important element here is that this band is very interactive with their fans, which is so important. Not only do they promote their band (and other groups as well), but they host contests, keeping in contact with their fans that have been with them since the beginning. I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t answer a question for a free t-shirt? You can learn more about Beyond Dishonor on their social media sites or at their official website, Be sure to stop by and tell them how awesome they are, and that Maria Mar sent you.

I will be back next week with some more local talent of your liking. Local bands, do you have some music you think everyone needs to hear? Send it my way! You can always visit me on the Jersey Rock page at, for all of your submission details and needs. I love discovering fresh talent, so don’t keep me waiting. It’s time to keep the rock and roll movement alive!