Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Two Strike Mark

Locals, we meet again. It’s about that wonderful time of the week where we chat about some hot new bands that need to be in the spotlight. The talent just seems to get stronger and stronger as the weeks go on, and I am doing my best to keep it fresh and eclectic. If I write about metal one week, I’ll do acoustic the next, or if I write about pop, I’ll do heavy the next. I know you get the trend, so there’s no need to explain!

This week, I am going to talk about Two Strike Mark, a young group that is pretty new on the scene. What does this band name mean? I honestly have no idea; I have never met them or seen them live, and have only heard of them through word of mouth. I generally try not to write about bands I have never seen before, but this time around, I liked their recordings enough and was fully intrigued by their style so much that I wanted to share it with you all.

Now, I never judge a book by its cover, though I did judge this band by their cover photo. Go to their Facebook and you will see what I mean. It’s like a prom photo gone wrong, and it’s completely brilliant. Their image alone got me laughing and excited, which then led me to their music. It’s usually the opposite for me in that I hear a track then look up the band, so this was something new. So, as stated before, I may not know much about these dudes, but there is a strong desire to learn.

Upon first hearing Two Strike Mark, I felt in my ears that they are very influenced by another band from Jersey that has been taking off at light speed as of late, The Front Bottoms. Maybe you haven’t heard of them, but they are playing a sold-out show at the Starland Ballroom with Brand New, have been on tour with Manchester Orchestra, and have sold out The Stone Pony. I don’t normally like to compare bands, but if I had to describe their sound, I would say the two acts are somewhat similar in genre. They classify themselves as “punk,” although it’s a very diverse crossover, as there are some crazy styles in here.

I started off with their song “Bitch In The Back,” which had me intrigued. It’s extremely catchy, and if this wasn’t a single, I would highly recommend that it become one in the near future. I skipped a few tracks and landed on “Awkward Eye Contact,” because well, we have all been there. I find this one very interesting, for their arrangements and solo parts are really strong. “Little Sister,” which does a complete turn in sound, starts out a little slow before picking up the pace. I also highly recommend “Red And Gold,” for it may be one of my personal favorites.

Of course, I cannot forget to mention a track that grabbed me at the title, “Bruce Wayne.” I mean, being a fan of Batman and all that it entails, anyone in their right mind would love to give this a spin. The song could completely suck and I’d still like it because I am so into its name, but the tune is actually really good. It talks a lot about moving on, something that many of us need to learn to do in life. It also has that live version feel, as if they are simply playing in a basement to a bunch of their friends. This song will give you a full idea of what this band is all about: having fun, keeping things lighthearted, and their love of making music.

I think one of the main elements that we need to focus on here is their choice of lyrics and song titles. Two Strike Mark have a trait in their writings that I cannot put a finger on, in the best way possible. Some of their songs are very poppy while others completely change it up and have a darker, mellow tone. If you really listen to the lyrics on each song, you may become somewhat confused. I almost find myself asking, “Where the hell do they get their inspiration from?” Some bands only write about hooking up with babes, breaking up with slobs, or seeing a girl they want to make out with. Basically, most artists in this genre don’t have anything original to offer lyrically, and I think this group somewhat breaks the mold. I feel they have the potential to latch onto a young, solid fanbase, as they are compacted with great youthful energy, pensive lyrics, and creative song construction.

Two Strike Mark are very active on socials, have some catchy tunes, and are young enough to really build a solid career for themselves. If you want something edgy and lighthearted that is just enjoyable without requiring too much thinking, this is a band for you. I really like their sound, but I like them more as a complete whole. Give their music a few listens and let yourself find your new favorite tracks. To learn more about Two Strike Mark, visit them on Facebook and ReverbNation at Check out their pages and see when you can catch them at a live set, for I will be sure to bump into you in the crowd with my hands in the air.

I will be back next week to talk about all the music that has me going in a wild, local frenzy. Of course, if you have any suggestions, I highly recommend you continue to send them my way, for one girl cannot find all that is good out there! Drop your tastes once in a while and open your ears to the various styles of music that you can be presented with. I promise, your ears will thank you one day when they have a diverse library to listen to! Keep supporting local music!