Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Amy Malkoff And The Moonshines

All of my local music friends and family, it’s about that time! I have done some heavy research this week trying to bring a new band to the table, and success has been the result. Of course, I had to narrow it down because there are so many out there these days, but don’t worry, we have plenty of weeks to fill here in the Local Radar! So many great things have been happening in the scene, including the Asbury Music Awards, bands going on tour, new releases and, of course, holiday remixes! I am a softy for some good holiday tunes and cannot help myself!

Anyway, this week, I am going to focus on a group that has really struck a chord (literally) with me lately, and they go by the name of Amy Malkoff And The Moonshines. You may have heard of them or they may be fresh off that local market for you; however, we are here to turn you into an instafan, just like I became. I don’t know them personally yet, and I have every intention to, but for now, I will write about what I know, which is that they are incredibly talented. Let me proceed to give you what you need.

Amy Malkoff And The Moonshines gave me their first taste at the 21st annual Asbury Music Awards. Struck by Amy’s standout voice and ravishing red hair, I was instantly hooked. Not that it would ever matter what she looked like, but it helps how captivating she is on that stage, for she takes over the room. You would think she built the venue she played in, and I think that would go for any show at any place. However, she is far from just a pretty face.

I was familiar with a lot of the other band members, since I know they have done stuff in the past locally, and I was at the edge of my seat during their performance. Their live set will physically grab you by the throat and demand you pay attention. While I may be somewhat biased since I have yet to hear their recordings, if you can play that well live, you have me sold. Their instruments sound lively, as if the band is there in your living room, playing only for you. The drums sound so full and real while the bass is lifelike. When you see them live, you feel as if you are at your own private VIP concert. Doesn’t this seem like a win-win?

I have time and time again in this column boasted my respect for talented frontwomen in this industry, and this is another perfect example. How about Tara Elliott and Kate Vextion just to name a few? And, of course, we cannot forget about the bigger rock industry spectrum with women like Lzzy Hale. Who doesn’t love these chicks? They are talented, beautiful, and respected, just like they should be.

Now, if you had to ask me what my favorite part about this band is, I would say I am nearly at a loss. This act is simply relentless. With a group of astonishingly polished, robust, inventive and glorious musicians, they all simply feed off one another on stage. I know we tend to say that there are some great albums out there today that have no filler, but have we ever said that about a rock show? There wasn’t one dull point in that short 15 minutes that I saw them, and it left me yearning for more. It was like I had an appetizer that didn’t fill me and now I have to go back to the place to get more! The band members bring something crucial to the table with solid beats being laid down throughout their performances, which is crucial for an act that depends strongly on powerful rhythms. There is great guitar work on every song, which brings an indescribable energy and mood that perfectly complements each one of their tracks.

Now, to be completely honest, the second I got home from the Asbury Music Awards, I found them on Facebook, demanding to hear some of their music. They recently released a self-titled EP that you can learn more about on their socials, and I highly suggest you check it out. I think my favorites are “Voodoo” and “Worst Way,” for the energy on each track left an imprint not only in my ears, but my memory. There is great production work on this thing and it definitely backs up their stellar live set. They seem to have a great fanbase building already, which is always important, especially in the local market. I can also tell that they are hopping on shows left and right, getting their name out there to the right audience, including myself! I will 100 percent be spinning some of their tunes on my show in the near future and am certain it will win some listeners over!

I highly recommended you check Amy Malkoff And The Moonshines out sooner rather than later. I may like a lot of bands, but I promise you, this group has that undying talent to define the next trend in music. They aren’t mimicking anything here, just playing what they love. Check them out on Facebook and on their band pages, for their tunes are waiting to be heard.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking, and in the meantime, keep sending me your tunes and supporting the scene! Have a wonderful holiday season and give the gift of new music! Hey, after all, someone has to keep spreading the word. Join the force!