Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Negative Sky

Locals, we meet again. It’s about that time to express our joy on local music that is making us excited to be a part of this scene. It’s crazy how the New Year is already upon us, and 2013 was one for the record books! Local acts are going on national tours, signing record deals, releasing music videos and so much more. It’s so exciting to be a part of such an active community of art and talent who strive to make themselves known. It’s also very humbling to see that some bands that have been on my radar are now taking off more than ever. I feel like a proud mom, not to get all sappy, but it’s true! It’s going to be hard to top 2013, but we will give it our best shot!

This week, I am going to talk about a band that goes by the name of Negative Sky. You may know some of their members from other groups, but this time around, I am focusing solely on this project. Not to take away from their other bands, but let’s face it, you all know who New Theory is! I recently had their music played on my show during metal week and it had a great reaction, so I figured we could take a journey down the Negative Sky lane right here!

Negative Sky consists of Dan, JJ, George and Tom, and they are based out of central New Jersey. These guys recently signed a deal with Rock Army Records, which I am not sure that I know much about, but I will be sure to look into it further. I always have mixed emotions these days about bands getting record deals, but in this situation, I think it will do nothing but benefit them as a whole. I believe the key here will be distribution and recording, for the talent is there. Some bands just need that little extra push that can get them where they need and want to be.

Each member of this group has been at it in the local game for quite some time, and it only makes sense that they are finally getting the recognition that they deserve as musicians. They describe themselves as “an aggressive and though-provoking metal group, utilizing a diverse mixture of heavy, groove, technicality, and attitude.” Well, that is a hard description to back up, but thankfully they do so. I was immediately intrigued by this little description, because it came as if it was a part of a style that I was uncertain I had ever heard before. Not saying these guys are moving mountains or breaking the boundaries of music, but you can 100 percent say their style is their own.

If you’re going to sample this band track by track, which is what I normally do, I highly suggest you start off with a dosage of “Death Of The Sun.” This is actually the track that got so much buzz when I spun it on the radio, and deservingly so. It fit perfectly on metal week, though I almost feel as if it would also fit in just fine on any active rock radio playlist. It has that heavy, in-your-face sound that metal fans everywhere strive to find. The name of the track almost is metaphoric, whether they intended it to be that way or not, for this song is dark (hence the death of sunlight). You don’t picture a bright day with a clear sky on this one; you immediately get sent to a place of darkness, with more of a negative sky (no pun intended). It’s a track you can find yourself getting lost in emotionally and physically, and I think you should all check it out for yourselves. You can find this song and many others on their ReverbNation and Facebook pages.

While I have yet to see them live, I picture Negative Sky’s shows as being extremely aggressive, with heads hurting from banging all night long. They do, however, play a ton of gigs locally that you can see them at. What makes them even cooler is that they support a ton of other local bands by not only jumping on their shows, but promoting them on their socials. I’m always attracted to groups that make it about the scene and the local movement as opposed to only making it big themselves. They recently did a benefit for the family of a fallen local musician, and I would’ve loved to have been there. This is just one example of how Negative Sky can also make a positive impact. When you have a free weekend, try to catch these guys live and maybe I can meet you there. I know they have a dedicated fanbase, just look at how many “Likes” they have on Facebook.

I definitely see a long future lying ahead for Negative Sky, and wish them the best of luck on their musical journey. Having known some of these guys for a while, it’s a prime example that hard work can pay off. I look forward to hearing a new release from the band, which should open the doors for many more opportunities down the road. You can learn more about Negative Sky on their Facebook and ReverbNation pages, and be sure to shoot them a message to let them know you read all about their musical journey thus far in Maria Mar’s Local Radar!

I will be back next week with another act of your liking, whether it’s a solo project, pop act, metal shred, rock and roll glory, or something completely bizarre and unheard of. After all, there are so many bands out there to choose from, it’s nice to be able to keep this weekly column fresh! Start the New Year off right and get your butts to a show!