Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Humongous

Local friends, we are back again to talk about everything music! 2014 has been flying by, with a countless number of shows, benefits, new records and even breakups, all bringing the local music scene into the spotlight! I’ve been getting a ton of good feedback on the bands we’ve showcased so far this year, so I will do my best to keep you all satisfied. Also, thank you to everyone who has been sharing their shows and tracks on socials. It makes it a lot easier for a busy girl like myself to stay in the new!

This week, I will be writing about a band that was complete strangers to me just about two weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t know them at all personally, however, getting into their tunes, I feel like I have built a relationship with them (don’t worry, I’m not creepy). They are fairly new to the scene and have a growing fanbase, and I am here to give them that extra push! Please allow me to introduce to you, Humongous.

Now, I don’t have much of a history on this group, for I have really just started to embellish their journey and hop on board. Basically, I made a post on my Jersey Rock page asking bands/fans to let me know of some new music that I should be listening to, and well, let’s just say their name came up more than once! I am very glad it did as well.

Humongous are a three-piece, hard-rocking band with members Melissa, Joe and Tyler, and they are from Brick, NJ. Did they grow up together? Are they related? Have they dated? Everything is a big mystery to me and I love it! I cannot really remember the last time I saw a three-piece with one girl and two guys; I love the combination and think it could be rather deadly. I haven’t met this band yet, but I am hoping to change that in the near future. They seem like they would be fun to have in the studio for an acoustic session, so I will definitely be hitting them up!

They cite some of their influences as Queens Of The Stone Age and Incubus, which are both like soundtracks to my soul. Maybe they just put that in their interests to grab my attention, but either way, it worked. Those are bands that are naturally talented with a real rock and roll sound with no extra flares or whistles—just talent. After all, in my opinion, that is all you need.

I started off by listening to a track called “King Of The Hill,” which really shows off their grungier side. I am not sure if they are going for this type of sound, but it almost sounds like they recorded it in a garage on a cassette tape, giving it that raw feeling. They may not have had it in the budget to get a mastered recording (trust me, we get it), or maybe they did this on purpose, but whatever it was, it works. The song is very catchy and Melissa keeps her mellow tone in check. She has a very soothing voice, not trying to overdue anything or hit any notes that are out of her range. It’s real, relaxing music. I then checked out “Point Of Interest,” which is also very different. If you are listening to this track for the first time, you can kind of get a full idea of what this band is all about: having fun.

Just by looking at their social media pictures—uploading “friend selfies,” if you will—you can tell that they are always hanging. It just goes to show that their band bond is natural and not forced by any means. Whether they’re in the studio, at a show or just chilling, they really seem to vibe with one another. Granted, I am making these assumptions completely off of images, but I feel that’s what pictures do: capture situations and emotions.

Humongous are super supportive of the local music scene and most of the bands in it. Upon doing some more research on these guys, I ended up discovering four or five other bands that I hadn’t heard about, simply because they were giving them shameless plugs on their socials. This, in my opinion, is also really cool, because they are doing a great job not only gaining their fanbase, but also networking with music lovers of all genres in hopes that these people will come across their music and build a relationship with it.

They recently announced a little spring/winter tour on their Facebook page, hitting a few venues in the area, so if you get a chance, check them out. I have yet to see them live, but I have a feeling it will make me swing my hips, not my head, and chug a beer. I hope they release an EP or even a full-length in the near future, for that seems to be the goal from what I am reading. They will be performing live at EJ’s in Seaside on Feb. 14 and Paul’s Tavern in Lake Como on Feb. 22. There are also more dates not mentioned here, so you have many opportunities to see this band! If you meet them before me, do me a solid and ask them what their backstory is, because I am dying to know.

To find out more about Humongous, visit their Facebook page at I will be back next week with another fresh new band, so keep up the good work with scouting some new talent!