Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Paris Under Fire

I have been trying to focus on some brand spanking new groups that have been hitting the market hard and really need an extra push. It’s amazing to me just how many bands have been forming throughout the last couple of months. However, judging by their rabid fanbases and heavy social media followings, I never believe it until I see it that some of these bands actually haven’t been active for over a year! Kudos to you guys for keeping the local scene alive! As always, I strongly suggest you send me some bands that you are listening to, for sometimes I tend to overlook things because there are just so many groups out there doing what they love. So naturally, it’s always nice to have the input of the people who matter most: the fans! Alright, now enough of this sentimental crap—let’s talk about some music that has really gotten my juices flowing lately, shall we?

Let’s get this straight right off the bat: This band is completely and wholly 100 percent new to me (I am listening to their music as I write this piece). In normal Maria Mar fashion, I asked fans to post some new acts that they have been getting into, and they popped up several times. What do they call themselves? Well, it’s simple: Paris Under Fire. The name is suiting, for they are hot, smoking, and full of light. They are fresh on the scene, only starting out in 2013, and they reside in Toms River, New Jersey, with members Andrew on lead guitar, Jorge on bass, Piero on rhythm guitar and Tessah on vocals. You may recognize these musicians already, for they used to be in a band called The Careless Kids. Yes, you heard me correctly: they are doing something new. What is the reason? I haven’t a clue, but for whatever reason, it works. I am glad they decided to pursue their music careers, and I will have to get them in the studio to find out what the real scoop is! But for now, let’s just focus on the present, which is the talent that is Paris Under Fire.

They categorize themselves as rock, which naturally can be split into various groups of elements. I started off listening to their track “Shake Me Down,” and I was really intrigued. If you are going to pick a track to dive into first, I highly recommend this one. Tessah has a beautiful tone that reminds me of Hayley Williams from Paramore. Not to completely compare the two, but to break it down a little further, she could belt out on a pop rock track, yet completely slow it down on a radio ballad, with no problems or hesitations. I know she is very young, but her voice sounds like she’s been at this for quite some time. This track has lyrical meaning that you could apply to many teenage situations of your love life. Trust me, let yourself go in it and you’ll be very surprised.

I then proceeded to check out “Molly.” This track is a little heavier with a pop tone and some nice basslines. Another catchy tune, this song was clearly written about someone specific. I am not sure if “Molly” is a made up name, but clearly someone in the group is letting out some emotions on this one. This cut will get you dancing more so than others, and I can just picture kids getting in front of the stage at a show with their hair flying around and Vans stomping on the ground. I could hear this one on mainstream radio, as it definitely has single quality.

Of course, you cannot forget about the track “Best Of Me,” which has more of a ballad feel before it breaks into an all-out assault. Again, like most of their songs, anyone can relate to it. It’s almost like we are listening to a virtual diary that the band wrote while going through their lineup changes and maybe some more personal things they had going on in their lives. I actually played this track for a few friends and they all agreed that this was their favorite, so I asked them, “Why is that?” and I got many different responses: “It’s the track that I remembered the most”; “it’s the catchiest”; and, “It shows off that girl’s vocal range the best.” Just goes to show that music fans of all types have various opinions of every song. There are a few more tracks that can be found on their record, and I really think music lovers of all genres will enjoy this one.

Paris On Fire are really focusing on building their fanbase, releasing new tracks, and booking some shows. I hope they release some music videos, full-length records, and continue to show their dominance of the young band bracket. You can learn more about them and check out all of their tracks on their new Facebook page at Judging by the comments and responses to all of their posts, it seems like people are really digging their new stuff, so keep it up guys! I will continue to follow your socials to find out when you are playing a live show near my neck of the woods so I can come and rock out! If they are anything like The Careless Kids, I know the show will be phenomenal and full of an indescribable energy.

I will be back next week with another band that may be old, new, solo or other. Until next week, my friends, get your butts out in the snow and see some shows. It will be warm out eventually!