An Interview with Kid Felix: Coasting Along

If you’re an avid reader of The Aquarian Weekly, you will recognize this band. Kid Felix, hailing out of South Jersey, have a lot of things going on for them at the moment, including a new video and a new EP. I recently had the chance to chat with guitarist Brett Hagen and drummer John Szachewicz about their music, videos, touring and more. Check it out below:

So, Kid Felix, we recently chatted with you guys about some things you had planned, and now they all seem to be coming together! Can you fill us in on the new music?

Brett Hagen: Our video for “I Am The River” came out a few weeks ago, and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. Our third EP, Rivals, is finished up, and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it! We recorded it at Forge Recording with Ron DiSilvestro, and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

Has the recording process been any different on this album? Where did you find yourselves pulling inspiration from?

BH: The recording process hasn’t really changed for us from the beginning. We usually always go into the studio with our songs really fleshed out and prepared to record. I think the main difference with our new EP is really just that our experience in the studio has grown and we’ve come to understand more of what we want out of it. We even managed to add a string section to one of our songs.

John Szachewicz: From a musical standpoint, every band member has such unique influences that it always helps us to have a good variety in our own sound. The first and last songs on Rivals couldn’t be more different, and there is a wide spread of sounds in between too.

Rivals was released Feb. 17. How has the reaction been and when will physical copies be available?

JS: We’ll have our physical CDs available at shows beginning in March.

Your new video for “I Am The River” has been getting a great reaction. Tell us a little bit about the concept.

BH: Well, the song itself is about trying to create your own identity in a cookie-cutter world where we’re all told what to do and how to act. The video follows that theme to a degree. The main character in the video is trying to bury himself or a part of himself. Maybe he is trying to create his own identity. However, he is also being tormented and chased by himself. The idea is that you can’t run from your past, or the truth.

JS: A lot of people have asked me about the character continually burying himself. Brett pretty much hit the nail on the head. I also think that it’s really up to the viewer to interpret the lyrics and take their own meaning of what he is trying to accomplish. I like that people are talking about it and asking questions about it instead of just watching it once and forgetting about it.

Who filmed the video, and where was it?

JS: Our good friend Will Higgins [Ambitious Projections] filmed and edited the video. It was all done with one camera too! All of the story shots were filmed out in the Pine Barrens. We were actually planning on filming the band playing outside in the Pines too, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. We knew when we wanted to be done shooting to allow Will enough time to edit, so we ending up filming the band shots in Ken’s [Baxter, keyboardist] garage.

BH: It was interesting, because there wasn’t much room at all. We actually set up each person one at a time and filmed lots of takes of every person from different angles. Then they broke down and the next person set up. It was a long process, but I think it actually turned out better than outside would have been. It also forced the cinematography to be done in a very specific way for all of the band shots, so our next video will probably look very different.

You guys have been playing some great shows lately down south, and I noticed you have some tour dates lined up in the spring. Where will you be heading?

BH: In March, we’re actually headed north. We’ll be playing The Saint in Asbury Park on March 13. After that, we’ll be headed north to New York, Rhode Island, and Boston. Later in the spring, we’re heading down south. The dates aren’t confirmed yet, but I believe we’ll be in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. We’re definitely excited to spread Kid Felix out to new areas.

Will your shows feature a lot of new music, or a collection of both?

JS: Definitely a collection of both. As our fanbase is growing, we see a lot of familiar faces at shows. We’re always aware of that and try to vary our material night to night. We already have two more completed songs written since we’ve finished recording Rivals, a few covers ready that nobody has heard us play yet, and a few half-finished songs that we’re bouncing around during practices.

Kid Felix are really starting to become a household name around here more than ever. Have you noticed you’ve been getting more and more fans after each performance?

JS: Definitely. On top of seeing a lot of familiar faces, we’re always seeing new ones, too! We’re really excited to get back to New England next month since we had such a great reception there the first time.

Do you have a favorite artist out right now, locally or nationally?

BH: We’ve all been listening to Brick + Mortar’s EP, Bangs, a lot.

JS: I’ve also gotten heavily into Company Of Thieves the last few months.

Where can fans reach you?

BH:,, Twitter @THEkidfelix, Instagram @THEkidfelix,


Kid Felix will play at The Saint in Asbury Park on March 13 and the Mercury Lounge in NYC on March 14. Their new EP, Rivals, is available now. For more information, visit