Morning Glory: War Psalms

As a follow-up for their 2012 effort, Poets Were My Heroes, the Manhattan-based punk outlet Morning Glory return with their new full-length, War Psalms. Led by former Choking Victim guitarist Ezra Kire, Morning Glory provide a refreshing yet contemporary style that remains faithful to the beloved “crack-rock-steady” sound, attained from affiliated ska-core torchbearers No-Cash and Leftover Crack.

Starting off War Psalms on a high note with the opening track “Calm And Alarm,” this buildup fires away like a bullet from a shotgun with ripping guitar parts and explosive drum fills. With bright leads and an upbeat tempo, the revolutionary rock anthem “Standard Issue” makes its transition after the record’s exhilarating introduction through the variation of slight ska-influenced tendencies, which reflect back on the lighthearted personalities of Kire’s former projects.

Alternating back and forth from vibrant melodies to heavy-hitting tunes, “I Am Machine Gun” and “War Dance” lash out raging chords that relinquish a furious sound that establishes the volatile intensity of Morning Glory’s aggressive hardcore qualities.
Another defining characteristic that Morning Glory revived from the days of LOC and CV is their compelling incorporation of pianos, horns and strings to add an emotional appeal to their aggressive hooks. These elements can be easily identified in “Know Your Wrongs” and “Home Free,” which finishes War Psalms with a captivating finale that will make you shed a tear.

Even though Morning Glory present clean musical tones as opposed to CV and LOC’s gritty working-class nature, the band still sticks to their roots. With a politically-fueled approach to complement their graceful harmonies, War Psalms is an expressive and innovative punk release that relays whirlwind emotions throughout. Not only will this album make you raise your fist to authority, War Psalms will also tug at your heartstrings.

In A Word: Explosive