Maria’s Local Radar: Midway Atlantic

Ah, Wednesday—my favorite day to meet and talk music with you all. The warm weather is finally starting to break, and I am coming out of my winter hibernation to get out to some cool shows. So many great things are happening, like Small Town Scoundrels opening up for George Clinton, Kid Felix opening up for Beware Of Darkness, and so much more! I cannot wait to see what else the season has in store for some of our most talented local acts. All right, now it’s about that time to put some artists in the spotlight that deserve to be there.

This week, I am going to write about a band that I am slowly but surely starting to get into. You may already be familiar with them, so in that case, I will try to double convince you as to why you should give them a “Like” and a listen. They go by the name of Midway Atlantic, and they hail out of Marlboro with members Artie, CJ, Jason and Matthew. I have yet to meet these guys personally, but when I do, I will shake their hands and inform them that I really like their sound. Their debut album, Trees, is scheduled to be released this summer, so in the meantime, let’s get some hype going, shall we?

Midway Atlantic are a pop rock band that have been around since about 2012, and many other groups in the scene are buzzing about them. The first track that I listened to was called “Give Me Something To Believe,” which is an acoustic song. This really gave me a full idea of how talented they are, for it is completely stripped down in the rawest form; nothing here but an acoustic guitar and some really talented vocals. Production can make some of the most untalented people sound like they are Grammy worthy, but when bands post stuff like this, it allows fans to understand that they are really masters of their craft. I really like the lead vocal tone, and the harmonies are spot on here. “It’s okay, it’s all right,” they sing, and you can apply these lyrics to a situation in your life. It’s a very deep song, and I really would like to know if it’s about someone specific, or just general situations in life. I guess it could go either way, which is the really cool part about this song.

I then dove into another acoustic track called “Come Back Home,” which really got me yearning for my ’90s youth. I really miss the days of bands like Simple Plan and All American Rejects, and there is something here that really reminds me of those bands. It’s not an insult at all; in fact, I mean it in the most complimentary way possible. They have that “it” factor that will make girls cry and scream, and make dudes hate to admit that they actually want to be in their band. This track could be a radio smash, and I really want to hear the plugged in version of it, for I feel like it could top the charts. The melodies and harmonies are super contagious, for I already find myself learning all of the lyrics and singing along like an ultimate fangirl (don’t worry guys, I won’t wait outside your bus). Their voices blend perfectly together, like a match made in heaven. I really suggest you check this track out; it’s on their Facebook page on the music player tab.

If you want to get in a depressing mood, check out “Can You Hear Me?” This track is definitely more serious, but again, the lyrics are superb. “Am I giving up this time?” they ask in the track, and I hope the answer is no. I hope these guys never give up on their passion and dreams, for I feel the genre is missing a band like this at the moment, and they could soar to the top.

I am very intrigued to hear these guys live with a full set and for their debut album to drop, for I feel as if it will take me for a spin. If you want to learn more about them (and trust me, you do), you can give them a “Like” on their Facebook page at You can find out tons of information about their band, tour dates, album details, and even videos! I hope the future is very bright for these guys, and I look forward to meeting them in person and watching them rock the house! You can also find them on YouTube and Twitter, and be sure to pick up their new album when it drops! Hey, if other local bands are plugging them, they must be doing something right, yes?

I will be back next week with another local act of your liking. In the meantime, post a show or two on my page, get your butts out to a concert, and suggest some bands and artists for me to listen to. After all, we’re one big family the local music scene, and we need to continue to dominate, one show and album at a time. Keep supporting local music!