An Interview with Manchester Orchestra: Leaving No Stone Unturned

Manchester Orchestra may have seemed like they came out of nowhere, but trust me, this band has paid their dues. They are what the music industry needs right now: raw, talented, and natural. There is something about them that has always been extremely intriguing to me, whether it’s the lineup of bands they tour with, the content of their songs or everything all together. Their new album, Cope, is making quite the splash, and they are hitting a city near you!

I had the chance to interview Andy Hull, lead singer of Manchester Orchestra, about everything that is going on in their world. Check it out below:

First and foremost, the new record is amazing. I feel as if it fills a void that rock and roll was missing. How has the reaction been thus far?

Really good. People either get it or don’t. Those who do seem to really enjoy it.

Now the album title, Cope, is somewhat like an open book to me personally, for I feel like anyone can take it and apply it to how they react to certain situations in life. Basically, that it’s open for interpretation. Was there a specific occurrence that influenced the title?

I knew the word meant different things to different people, so that helped my decision. There wasn’t exactly a light bulb moment.

Cope is a lot heavier than I was anticipating, in the best way possible. I love it because it doesn’t mimic 2011’s Simple Math, but it doesn’t try to top it, either. “Top Notch” was definitely the perfect leader to set the tone for the record.

Thanks, I agree!

I’m also a little freaked out by the video, and I love it! Where did the concept come from?

Our friend James had a great idea to use visuals to tell the story rather than an actual story. More like a found tape of strange occurrences rather than a typical video. It’s supposed to be weird.

I hyper-analyze lyrics, and I love every word on this album. Would you say some of these songs are some of the deepest you’ve written?

That’s cool! I’m not sure if they are the “deepest,” but it also feels strange to call yourself deep, so I don’t know. I try really hard at every single musical thing I do.

There were also a lot of tracks that didn’t make this record, correct? Will you ever do anything with those (hint hint)?

(Laughs) I would imagine so… Maybe when I get a horrible illness and need to pay for surgery or something, I can compile a huge box set and release all this extra stuff.

Being a fan, personally and professionally, I always tell people Manchester Orchestra are a band you will fall in love with live. You guys have made quite the equal crossover in the U.S. and the UK, and I love that you are playing small, sweaty clubs! How has the tour been going thus far?

It’s all incredible. I am overwhelmed by it every day. MO fans are like a secret club. You get it or you don’t.

Agreed! Well thanks for taking the time to chat with us, and I cannot wait to see you guys on the road!

Thanks, Maria!


You can catch Manchester Orchestra at Terminal 5 in New York City on May 22 and the Theatre Of Living Arts in Philadelphia on May 24 and 25. Their new album, Cope, is available now. For more information, go to