Maria’s Local Radar: The Lies

Locals, we meet again. Wednesday is upon us, and it’s time to chat music. By the way, where did this month go? Does it feel like summer to you, because I sure as hell am still wearing sneakers. What does a girl have to do to bust out some flip-flops? Anyway, at least there are a lot of cool shows getting announced and a lot of fun things happening this season. With all of the venues in this area, there is a show for pretty much everyone, especially on the local front.

Last week, I talked about a band that is opening up for a national act, Small Town Scoundrels, and I am so glad to hear that you guys are digging them! This week, we are going to completely switch it up and write about a band that has been getting a ton of buzz on social media, for I can barely escape them! They go by the name of The Lies. Of course, I was immediately intrigued, because normally, like everyone, I despise lies. But, in this case, I will make an exception. Only Living Boy, one of my personal favorite bands, recently posted a show date with these guys that really got my attention. After all, any band that they play with or even mention is always good, and I trust them. Now, they either just became a group this past December, or just decided to join the Facebook world then, but I think they are pretty new on the scene. So let’s put them in the spotlight and get them heard, shall we?

The Lies have an EP out called Whatever. Now, again, I love this title. It seems as if they are very carefree and easy-spirited, for after all, whatever is whatever. I really love the intro track “Don’t Know What You Have,” as that song can relate to everyone. Whether it’s meant to be as deep as it sounds, many of us take things for granted, and this track really puts things into perspective. They’ve got a very grungy rock and roll sound, no glitz, no glam—just straight rock. I love bands like this, for it restores my faith that some naturally talented acts still exist. Don’t mean to be a hater, but I am sure a lot of you can agree with me on that one.

Another track I really dig is “Don’t Lose Your Faith.” Again, with the meaning, I could be looking into it way too much, but it’s inspiring. So many musicians play night after night, hoping for a shot at stardom or to tour around the world, and many obstacles can get in the way of that. In fact, not many people support the local community like they should, and this song should be some sort of motivation for you to never give up and keep doing what you love. That’s what platforms like The Aquarian Weekly are here for, to restore your faith and keep it moving. Not to get all sappy, but it’s the truth. Plus, I love the guitar and lyrics on this one. I also love the song “You And Me”; take a listen and you will see why. There is a track on this EP for everyone, and what I mean by this is, no track sounds the same. If you don’t like one, you may like the next one, though I have a funny feeling there won’t be any you don’t like. It satisfies many musical cravings.

Now, you may not be familiar with this band yet, but trust me, once you take a listen, you’re addicted. I look forward to seeing their live set, for I have a feeling that they have a lot to offer. I haven’t met these guys yet, but when I do, I will ask them where there musical influences come from, for as I stated before, there are no bells and whistles here; this is straight talent, no chaser. There is nothing I love more than finding out about new talent that has me excited to go out to shows, for after all, that’s what I am here for. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to find out when they are playing a show near you, and give them a “Like” while you’re over there. I expect big things in the future from them, and the EP is totally killer. You can visit their Facebook page at They are also on Bandcamp and being plugged by a ton of other local artists as well, which just goes to show they are already well respected in the local community!

I will be back next week—same time and same column—to talk about some more local music that is getting the cities in frenzies. In the meantime, keep sending me your tunes and give my ears something to look forward to. I’m looking for something new, fresh, raw, any genre, any color, anything you got! You can email me submissions at Don’t keep me waiting too long! Keep rocking locals, and I will see you next week.