Maria’s Local Radar: Dramaticat

Ladies and gentleman, how the heck are you? It’s about that time for the Local Radar, to talk about everything that is hot in the local music scene. I have been out to some amazing shows lately; saw my friends in Toothgrinder over at The Saint a few weeks ago with some great metal bands and they kicked butt as always. I also saw my friends Brick + Mortar in Asbury Park, and as we all know, they are always one big party. I am so proud to see all of these bands doing so many big things.

So on that note, I have a band that is just getting started in the scene that needs a little love! Well, let’s rephrase that, for they are far from new. In fact, their members have all been in other successful groups before taking a short break from music. However, knowing some of these guys personally, I knew that this hiatus wouldn’t last long, and it didn’t. They are all so talented and invested in their music that they had to create something fresh, bringing all of their creative differences and influences together to form one amazing final product. They go by the name of Dramaticat. Let’s indulge, find out some more about their past, where they like to eat and what their favorites colors are. Kidding about some of that, but let’s do find out some more about their music, shall we?

Dramaticat consists of members Justin, Rob, Matt and Drew. You may recognize many of these musicians from a band named Breathing Blue (Graviteer) that really put their stamp on the local music scene, having won competitions, released a hit record and so much more. However, we are not here to talk about the past, for it’s the future, so I intend to keep it that way. I have always been a big fan of everyone in this band and all of their natural music abilities. It’s rare to find a strong group of friends that are all equally as talented as the next, and this is the perfect example of that unity.

Now, I have only heard one song from these guys, and I believe that is all that they released; however, the single is so strong that I am dedicating an entire column to it, so trust me, take a listen for yourself. The track is called “Twin Flames,” and “it’s about you,” so they say. This song fits in with what is the “it factor” right now. I love the gang vocals, and of course, Drew and Justin harmonize like two peas in a pod. Justin has always been one of those singers that I brag to people about, for his range and ability to swoon you in is just uncanny. I’ve seen Justin perform live countless times, and it’s completely effortless. His vocals are as smooth as butter, and the melodic harmonies in the music put you in such a groove that you don’t even realize how deep into it you are until you notice yourself dancing around the room. That is when you know you have true talent. Of course, this isn’t a one-man band though; just had to give him a compliment. Matt and Rob feed off one another as well, as both showcase one another’s ability to play amazing music. This song contains an amazing array of driving synths throughout, and the harmonic progressions are well crafted. There are clever changes of key and style throughout that if you’re a true music lover, you will experience to the fullest.

I love this single for many reasons. First of all, the chorus is insanely catchy, for I feel like anyone could easily make this a summer anthem. Of course, the gang vocals make it very hip, and the lyrics hit you right in the heart. We all may think we know a “shooting star,” but they send one right for us. The content is precise and meaningful on many levels, as it’s not only telling us what they are feeling, but they also include a topic that is known around the world: love!

Dramaticat clearly know how to write a hit song. I could easily hear this track being played on various radio stations, all across the country, on various formats. I don’t know if I should call them indie or pop rock or just rock and roll with a twist, but either way, it doesn’t need a genre title; it’s feel-good music. They recently played their first show and unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but knowing these guys and how much they feed off of live shows, I can only imagine what they will be bringing to the table. Dramaticat: What does it mean? No freaking clue; however, it leaves you with a hint of mystery, wanting to know more about these four insanely talented men.

You can check them out and give them a “Like” on their Facebook page at I can’t wait to hear some more tunes from these guys, for I know each one will be better than the last. Whether this project is for fun, the future or just because they know they have talent and want to share it with all of us, I am glad Dramaticat have surfaced. Keep checking their social media for updates on when and where they are playing some shows so you can get down with the sickness.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking. In the meantime, keep sending your submissions to! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for some new jams, so keep me content, would you please? See you all next week.