The Grand Undoing: White Space Flavors And Parties On TV

The Grand Undoing is an intriguing and bizarre rock outlet that was crafted by the captivating mind of Seth Goodman. Leading the charge with the group’s debut effort in 2011, Appeasing The Sick, Goodman carries with him The Grand Undoing’s rockabilly style from the ashes of his former project, The Diamond Platinum Rings. With an inciting rockabilly harmony that draws listeners in with a sense of awe and wonder, The Grand Undoing’s forthcoming follow-up, White Space Flavors And Parties On TV, is an artistically introspective release that soothes the lost soul while lifting you up with its vibrant sound.

White Space Flavors starts off with two fiery opening tracks, “New World” and “Cross Over Now,” that embraces the grotesque with an innovative approach. With a barrage of engaging instrumental melodies, not only will listeners become hooked on Goodman’s heavenly voice, but will also find themselves perplexed by the alluring and atmospheric instrumental orchestra that is delivered by his enchanting percussion, violin and pedal steel assemble.

In addition to experimenting with heartfelt elements of blues, Goodman also introduces themes of despair and discontent in gripping ballads like “Long Are The Hours” and “Song In B,” while “The Shadows Still Draw Me In,” “Cold Of The Iron Gate” and “Ballad Of Alvin Goodman” lighten the mood with the album’s jubilant toe-tapping esthetics. These closing tunes will illuminate your spirits with an optimistic jingle to hum to yourself on the brightest of days.

Goodman’s elegant musicianship is a mystifying attribute that shines throughout White Space Flavors And Parties On TV. At times, listening to this full-length would make you feel as if you just heard Nick Cave successfully taking a stab at re-creating Darkness On The Edge Of Town. White Space Flavors And Parties On TV is a fascinating record that embellishes the surreal aspects of songwriting, which will make you feel as if you set foot into another dimension.

In A Word: Fascinating