1,2,3: Big Weather

When discussing what it is that inspires an album, most expect to hear of topics such as hardship, relationships, experiences, emotions and other big concepts. Weather isn’t typically something that people would guess would lead to a great rock album. It is surprising just how much 1,2,3 have let extreme weather be an influence for their new album, Big Weather, but the way it all comes together cohesively shows not only in its lyrical themes, but in its composition and the overall flow in tracklist, which creates an encompassing album that resembles the rise and fall of a storm.

The dark release is at its eeriest when two stories are read to the listener, both dealing with themes of death and loneliness. But the songs rise and fall, and just when you think the tracks have mellowed out, they pick right back up again with an unpredictability that simulates the sporadic rains of April. It is delightful to hear diverse vocals on a rock record, but it’s the distinguished riffs that serve as the fundamental element of each track.

Details such as the sound of moving water heard at the end of “Pontoon Song” give character. The frantic “Leave Me In The Sky With The Lawnchair” is distinct to the other tracks because of its fast tempo. “Mile High Grass” is a song that mixes funky and whimsical, reminiscent of ‘70s rock. “Where We Lived” serves as the heartfelt ballad that starts off soft with harp and vocals and is then revitalized with energy by guitars in the latter half off the song.

This could be the soundtrack for the youth of a post-apocalyptic era. It mixes creepy and somber with whimsy and hope. Listeners who appreciate attention to detail will love 1,2,3’s in-depth and thought-out creation.

In A Word: Complex