Mimicking Birds: Eons

Mimicking Birds are a band that will immediately sit well with the indie crowd, especially those familiar and well-founded in the Modest Mouse fandom. Their latest work of art, Eons, is a semi-psychedelic head-trip of an indie rock album that will please both the senses and soothe the insatiable palate for at least a little while.

First thing to say about the album is how incredibly clean it is, which may not sit well with fans of the often manic and always disorienting sounds that Brock Isaac’s crew delivers. Mimicking Birds could easily fall into the harrowing categorical term “hipster,” especially with tracks like “Acting Your Age” that focus on acoustic elements with soft touch percussion, but really the album is just strung together with delicate undertones, and focuses both lyrically and musically in that regard.

“Seeing Eye Dog” and “Spent Winter” are two favorable tracks that segue from what would otherwise be a sort of droll experience on this record. By and large, Eons plays through relatively more of the same front to back. Little breaks where we have some interesting time changes and an emphasis on special effects, especially in regards to the latter, keep it from falling into the category of good, but almost boring music.

Eons is certainly the kind of album you can sit down and enjoy a drink or write to for a little while. The relaxing delivery of both the vocal harmonies from singer Nate Lacy and the comfortable way drummer Aaron Hanson, guitarist Ian Luxton, keyboardist Matthan Minster and bassist Adam Trachsel mesh is a dream. If not a great album on its own, we can say respectfully that it is a winner for the indie genre. Just try not to play while operating heavy machinery for fear of drifting off behind the wheel.

In A Word: Ethereal