Maria’s Local Radar: Nude Dudes

Wednesday is once again upon us, and it’s time to chat about all that is hot in the local music scene. I have been to some killer shows in the past few weeks, each band getting better and better. Of course, I have checked out a bunch of national acts too, and it’s always great to see a local being added on for extra exposure. Bands like Small Town Scoundrels, The New Royalty and so many more all making their mark on the scene one show at a time. Keep up the good work, we’re all behind you!

If you checked out last week’s column, you are probably now a fan of TV Tramps, for they are the coolest thing since the air conditioning unit. This week, we are going to switch it up a bit to an act that is somewhat new on the scene, although you may know the name. Now, it’s actually the name that had me intrigued, and hopefully doesn’t make this article seem as if it’s rated R. They go by the name of Nude Dudes. Normally I’d imply something snarky like, “Need I say more?” but I actually need to say more. Let’s give them the attention they deserve.

Nude Dudes are a four-piece garage/surf band, with a very distinct and unique sound. Members include Dave, Glen, Eric and Alex, and I can assure you, they do wear clothes. I first found out about this band from a showcase they played in the area, seeing their name all over flyers. Again, how could that name not draw your attention? It’s like a band calling themselves “Naked Chicks Here.” I mean, let’s be real, people will attend. I did, however, feel the need to learn more about them, for there was more than the naked eye led to (no pun intended).

I immediately checked out their socials and liked what I saw. I can tell just by their postings and photos that they have a sense of humor and play music for the love of it, and to straight-up have some fun. Now, ironically enough, they also have some tracks that are associated with being in one’s birthday suit. “Down There Hair” was one of the first songs I experienced, and I absolutely love it. Okay, you may think the title is crude, but it served its purpose; it kept me listening. It’s fun, catchy, and an all-around summer anthem. Clean it up people, get your mind out of the gutter!

I also love the track “Crack Rock Candy,” for it switches things up and really showcases the talent that exists here. I can see this track being blasted at a party and girls throwing their red cups in the air obnoxiously yelling, “Oh my god, who sings this song?” You all know what I am talking about; by the way, it’s inevitable. Their EP is entitled Slow Songs For Slow People, so I guess I am guilty as charged, although I wanted more of this record quickly, ironically enough. I highly recommend you give it a chance.

Nude Dudes are constantly posting about shows in the area, and I have to make it a point to catch these guys in the flesh (literally). If my friends in Only Living Boy say they’re okay, then I have to take their word for it. You can learn more about them on their page at There are some really cool things over there, so be sure to check it out with an open mind, of course. Demand they come play your town, for I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed. Even their show flyers are entertaining; I mean, honestly, if the flyer is enough to get me to the show, they are clearly doing something right. Old family photos, lizards, sharks, whatever it takes, and I like to be surprised. Nude Dudes are definitely a band to keep on your local radar.

I’ll continue next week with another local band of your liking, so keep sending them my way and posting on your pages. I am on the prowl all day looking for the next big thing, so try and make my life a little easier, would you? Keep sending in your tunes to, and continue to blow my mind! I want new videos, recordings, show dates, photos and so much more. Keep rocking everyone, one venue at a time!