Maria’s Local Radar: Dirty Fences

Wednesday is once again upon us, and it’s time to jam. I’ve been spotlighting everything from solo artists to bands that have resurrected from the local grave, since the goal is to keep it as diverse and fresh as possible. Just to throw some ammunition at you to get off your butts and go support the scene, there are a ton of cool shows coming up in the near future, including Small Town Scoundrels at Starland on Aug. 22, just to name one noteworthy show. I recently saw The Front Bottoms kill it as always, and will have the pleasure of being a part of a music video shoot with my friends in Toothgrinder. Sounds like I am busy girl, doesn’t it? Well, sounds about right! However, it’s not hard work if you love it. I hope to see a lot of you at some of these events (subtle hint).

Anyway, back to basics. This week, I am going to be writing about a band that has been making quite the splash on the local market. They go by the name of Dirty Fences. Heard of them? You very well may have, for they have been on my radar for a few weeks now. Let’s indulge and find out a little bit more about them, and get a little dirty if you will.

Dirty Fences are a band that reside in Brooklyn, yet play down in our area all of the time. I am trying to expand my musical horizons to bands that will come to the shore to see me, which is always an A+ move in my book. I found out about them first from a band that I love called The Battery Electric, who are always going heavy on the popularity right now. Their album, Too High Too Kross, is out now, and yes, that is how you spell it. This is the album I checked out first.

So, what is it about this band that appeals to me? Well, there are a number of things. Number one, they exuberate fun. This is the type of group that plays shows and makes music because they want people to enjoy it. No, they didn’t tell me that, but I can easily make that assumption by checking out their pages and pictures, and even listening to their tunes. They put an immediate smile on my face. “All I Want” was a track that immediately hit me over the head, knocked me down, and had me never wanting to come up. It’s that heavy, easy that you yearn for, each and every day, that you wish would just resurface in the scene. “What’s That Strange” also caught me by surprise, for the vocal range is really great on this track. It has this surfer vibe, almost as if I should be on an island somewhere, sipping a cocktail and blasting this tune from the hotel room.

They have a few releases that are all noteworthy of checking out. It’s refreshing, fun, and doesn’t require you to think hard. Feel-good music that hits your heart, that’s what it’s all about, especially in the summertime. I have a feeling their live set will make me dance all night, and I cannot wait for this to happen. If you want a short sample of how to sum up this band and their energy, check out an older track called “Bomber,” for it will have your hair flowing and feet stomping in no time. I also highly recommend “I Saw You There.” Although short in length, it contains so much animation and energy it could fill an entire CD. Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up, and tracks that are less than two minutes could be your solution. “Keep Your Kitten Inside” is also one you want to check out. Take a listen for yourself and you’ll see why.

You can learn more about this band on their Facebook page at All of their music is also available on their Bandcamp page, which could easily occupy you for an entire afternoon. If you’re throwing a party over the next few weekends, grab some beers, charge the iPhone, and get this library. Trust me, your guest will appreciate the summertime feel as much as I do. Dirty Fences are straight-up awesome, and I hope to see them around my hood again soon, when they get back from their adventures in Europe. They will make some international fans, and hopefully bring them back for one big party. I recently missed them at The Asbury Lanes, and I heard from a close source that the show was completely amazing, from beginning to end. Stay dirty, fences.

I will be back with another local band of your liking next week—same place, same column. Keep sending your submissions and making good music and I will continue to spread the word!