The Casket Girls: True Love Kills The Fairy Tale

Contrast can be an underappreciated element in art. A photo in black and white can highlight aspects that would be lost with color. Fairytales are typically associated with complexity, long stories that are embellished with description and intricate storylines. There is nothing that better contrasts sophistication than simplicity. On The Casket Girls’ True Love Kills The Fairy Tale, there is an eloquent romance between complicated and simple.

Consistent, almost monotone vocals feature subtle but strong harmonies, all while illustrating whimsical depictions through sophisticated lyrics that allude to fairytales, children’s stories, and mystical themes. An industrial drone is the backdrop to ethereal electronica compositionally speaking. The use of musical simplicity and profound, descriptive lyrics on the album is intentional and serves the group’s greater artistic vision. Contrasts even serve as a lyrical theme in some of the songs, particularly in “Chemical Dizzy.”

“Ashes And Embers” is captivating with greatly textured sounds and vocals that are eerily cohesive. Twinkling percussions contrast an electronic drone on “Day To Day.” The industrial drone of the other tracks is forgotten in “Perfect Little Soul,” and is substituted by a compelling harp-like musical line that lies just beneath the vocal. This small change makes this song stand out among the other tracks.

This is an indie contrast to the compositional use of complex vocals and simple lyrics commonly found in many popular styles of music. If you can appreciate something that is outside the box, like a whimsical take on industrial electronica, with a diverse array of sounds, then you will find this album thoroughly enjoyable.

In A Word: Eclectic