Hedley: Wild Life

Hedley are a Canadian pop rock band formed by Canadian Idol finalist Jacob Hoggard and his friends in 2003. So far, they have put out five albums, starting with 2005’s eponymous debut. Their most recent full-length, Wild Life, was issued in their native Canada last year, and was certified platinum in March. However, it was only released in the United States this past May. Hedley has toured with the likes of Simple Plan, Boys Like Girls and Bon Jovi worldwide.

The release opens with “Anything,” a track shoving it to everyone who has ever tried to hold the band down, with the chorus including the lyrics, “Fuck that, I can do anything.” “Crazy For You” could easily pass as a post-Songs About Jane-era Maroon 5 tune, and even includes an abundance of falsettos and danceable beats. A charmingly modern love song, “Pocket Full Of Dreams” is endearing and represents pop music at its best. The title-track is slower than the others, and consists of less added noises, so as not to distract from the vocals. The closer, “All The Way,” ends the record nicely with a stomping beat and energetic U2-like choruses.

Wild Life is a wild record, as the whole LP sounds like a party. Each track is spirited, vivacious, and the perfect mix of pop music and rock and roll. There is no reason why Hedley’s newest project can’t go platinum in America as well.

In A Word: Chaotic