Rebelution: Count Me In

Teaming up with 87 Music and Easy Star Records for the release of their fourth studio full-length, Count Me In, the Santa Barbara, California, quartet Rebelution continue to strive further to provide fans with a vigorous and optimistic reggae sound. For the last decade, Rebelution have been praised for their innovative style and their surging live energy. While the group achieved chart-topping success from Bright Side Of Life and Peace Of Mind, Count Me In is a follow-up that moves forward with the same momentum they’ve have held true to since their youth.

Throughout Count Me In, what separates Rebelution from the rest is the fact that they deliver an exquisite effort that strays away from typical reggae queues. “De-Stressed” is the first standalone track that immediately dives headfirst into a pulsing progressive tone that incorporates a grooving melody. Not only does this song keep listeners on their feet from beginning to end, but the soulful line, “Too blessed to be stressed,” also instills a high-spirited sense of optimism into their writing.

While Rebelution cling onto a self-inspiring mentality in their lyrics, Count Me In is also an eye-opening outlet that gives you a refreshing perspective on how to coexist with the world around you. In “More Love,” the line, “Let’s give them love so the youth can achieve,” encourages an ideology that should value the importance of learning through living and loving rather than emphasizing on achieving economic wealth.
While Rebelution combine a wholesome and cutting-edge approach with like-minded ideals of sincerity into their music, Count Me In is an exhilarating album that truly breaks the mold by adding an enthusiastic spin to the reggae genre. Finding a new meaning of life through harmony and simplicity, Count Me In is the perfect soundtrack to guide you to inner peace.

In A Word: Pulsing