Orenda Fink: Blue Dream

Spirituality is one of the oldest themes in musical history. Makes sense for something so vast and endless to provide plenty of inspirations to choose from. Orenda Fink seems to have an endless muse from the realm beyond the physical world. On Fink’s newest work, Blue Dream, she deliberates on dreams and their role in life.

Vocals and harmonies are delicate yet elaborate, a flawless contribution to the overall ambiance. The guitar heard on the album switches from electric to acoustic, dictating the direction of the songs, which range from lighthearted to profound. Lack of sound in space aside, the electronic synths used on the album would be a perfect soundtrack for space travel.

The title-track, “Blue Dream,” takes the supernatural feel of the entire album to another level. Eerie vocals are showcased perfectly while twinkling melodies ornate the background. “Poor Little Bear” is simple and stripped down, featuring only guitar and voice but regardless of its modest composition, the song manages to still present a prominent, otherworldly mood. Compatible with the track’s heavier-themed lyrics, “This Is A Part Of Something Greater” has hints of industrial rock.

Inspired by a soul-searching period after a loss, Fink managed to take this tried and true method of writing about one’s beliefs and creates music that is undoubtedly fresh and unique. There is a youthful sound quality that breathes life into the lyrical themes. Orenda mastered the perfect balance of light and soft with dark and heavy. You’ll want to keep it on repeat; it’s enthralling.

In A Word: Captivating