Maria’s Local Radar: The Blind Tellers

It’s about that time, another week of talking local music. Come on now, you can admit it, Wednesday is slowly but surely becoming your favorite day of the week (no judging here; sometimes weekends can be overrated). We just need to take a second and acknowledge how fast the summer is going; I don’t understand why all of the months we want to last go by so quick! I have, however, been lucky enough to get out to a lot of shows, and I hope you have as well. We still have plenty of time to get out to some outdoor lineups, and of course, inside is always nice and cool this time of year! I am glad you guys have been digging the local spotlight, for I have been receiving mass emails with people wondering where they can see some of the bands, which is always refreshing! Keep it up! Okay, now it’s time to get down to business for another week of Local Radar.

This band actually reached out to me recently expressing that they hoped I check out their music, so their wish is my command. If I remember correctly, I have featured them in the past, but way back when, so they have some fresh new things being brought to the table. In fact, I believe it was just about a year ago when I featured their music in the spotlight. They go by the name of The Blind Tellers. Heard of them? Awesome. And if you haven’t, hopefully this article will lead you right to their doorstep. I am glad to regroup and see what these guys have been up to, giving me more content to write about.

The Blind Tellers have been dominant in the local scene for a little while now, playing shows, gaining fans, and taking over the market. This band features Matt Gentile on vocals, Devin Crosby on lead guitar, Frank Dunzello on bass, David Allen on guitar/harmonica, and Mike McGuire on drums. Each one of these members brings a different asset to the table that is necessary in completing their unique sound. Their new EP will be released Aug. 1, and they shared the content with me, which I am thoroughly enjoying. If you need a recommendation of songs to start out with, I highly recommend “Here With You.” This was chosen as a single, and I think that was a very smart decision. The track is extremely catchy, and puts you in a groovy type of mood. This is the track that you want to listen to on the back deck while drinking a couple of beers with friends; low key, real talent.

It may sound weird to describe it as such, but you will agree when you hear the tone of their tracks that they are rock and roll, blues, folk, and even a bit indie if you will. I mean all of this is in the best way possible, for they dip into various genres that are all well received. It’s great because when describing them to friends, I couldn’t at all say, “They sound like…” or, “They are trying to be like…” this band. In reality, they are completely unique, utilizing their influences that are extremely eclectic and broad. I also really love “All We Said,” since the lyrics are very powerful on this one. If you get the chance to listen, take a minute to actually analyze what they are saying here, and you are bound to agree. It’s relatable to a lot of personal situations.

“One More Time” could be chosen as their anthem song; I think people will be singing along to this one in no time. “Angela” is also a great tune, as I am not sure if it’s about someone specific or not, but it leaves a lot to the imagination. I love tracks like that, for fans can almost interpret the meaning however they want, and make it more personal. However, if your name is Angela, you are a lucky lady.

Every sound is different on this EP, and you can definitely tell when one song ends and the next picks up (trust me, you’d be surprised how often that isn’t the case). This EP has something for everyone to enjoy, and it’s great to see how far they have come in their careers in just a short year since I last chatted with them! Catch them at a live show, since their talent is just as on-key as their recordings.

You can learn more about The Blind Tellers at They are very interactive with their fans, always posting photos, music, and more. After all, that’s the way it should be. Be sure to head on over to their page and tell the guys from Port Monmouth, NJ just how much you love their stuff. I love seeing bands continue to do things and grow to be bigger and better than ever, and this is a perfect example of just that!

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking. In the meantime, keep supporting local music and putting out some new jams!