Maria’s Local Radar: My Life On Film

There is something about music that brings people together; people of all styles, shapes and sizes, out witnessing one platform of something they love. Live music is a great way to release energy, explore your artistic side, and let loose. Each and every week, I try and bring a band to your attention that I have been digging—whether it’s their recordings or their live set—to get you in the mood of getting out to support the local music scene. Every show is an experience; you meet new people, you hear new or familiar talent, and you get to explore new venues to hang out at. Of course, we cannot forget about the drinks, the merchandise, and the dance moves that make the night just that much better. So, ask yourself while reading this article, “What is the last show you went to?” I recently saw a favorite of mine, The Whigs, at Starland Ballroom open up for Social Distortion, and they were just as good as I had imagined. Of course, lots of other bands too, like Avon Junkies and many more. So remember, next time you are out at a show, try to create a story, something to remember that will make you want to get back out there end experience something new. OK, I digress, I know what we are here to do, but I had to proclaim my statement in hopes that you all will listen! That being said, it’s about that time to bring some fresh talent into the limelight in preparation of assisting in building a new fanbase!

This week, I am going to focus on a band that recently announced that they will be playing a huge show with Badfish at Starland Ballroom in January. They are actually friends with a lot of other groups that I have featured in this column in the past, and I am totally into their sound right now. They go by the name of My Life On Film. First of all, I love the band name. Can you all imagine your lives being on film? Certain parts of it would be cool certainly, but others I’d prefer to remain on the blooper real, if you know what I mean. I am not sure how they came up with it, but I am sure it has a deeper backstory than I am imagining.

My Life On Film are an alternative/punk band from Ocean County, New Jersey, with members Sean Gensel, Mike Henninger, John Hagerson, and Sean Johnson. Their EP, ironically enough entitled Self-Titled Demo, is available for free stream on their Facebook page, and it’s totally worth the time spent listening. I started off with a track called “Wander,” which is very high energy and addictive. “I’m breaking the habit today,” they proclaim, and if you really listen to the lyrics on this track, you will find that it’s very relatable. The vocals remind me of a cross between New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday, not to compare them, because they are original, but I hear tones of each band in this song.

I then ventured to the track “Pardon Me,” not to be mistaken by the Incubus hit. This song is very different, and may be my favorite on the record. This band seems like no strangers to the well-tested, punk formula that works in the music world that we live in. What I mean by this is they have great, catchy lyrics, quick tempo changes, and energetic performances.

They recently posted a video on their Facebook as a “Throwback Thursday,” if you will, for their song “Not For Sure.” This video is super cool, but it’s also a testament through time showing just how much their sound and style has grown and matured, in the best way possible. I highly suggest you take a listen to their track “Til The End.” It closes out the EP, and is well worth the wait. This is an amazing song; the lyrics actually apply to me in situations that I’ve been in, in more ways than even I can understand. You can’t help but sing-along to this, and trust me, you will.

This EP, although short, is one of the best I have heard in quite some time. That is an accomplishment considering I have an extremely wide collection of music in front of me at all times. They are very eclectic in style, and this CD is very impressive. I am not saying they are reinventing music here, but I just think they understand their sound, know what they are good at, and do it very well.

My Life On Film are very interactive with their fans, and are playing shows at a town near you! Be sure to check out their Facebook page at Also, be sure to catch them at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on Jan. 3 with Badfish: The Ultimate Sublime Tribute. I am sure you can catch them many more times before then; I am just excited to see them on the big stage with tons of other talented acts!

I will be back next week with another band of your liking, or maybe a solo act—who knows at this point! Just keep bringing on the talent and I will continue to do my part to spotlight it in the Radar! See you all next week.