MedioXCore: What I Listened To During My Summer Vacation

An essay (sort of maybe I guess) by Dani Tauber, age 24 and a half…

I wasn’t dead guys, I was just sleeping, but thanks for your concern nonetheless. I’m back after a whirlwind of a summer, and in keeping true to this column’s roots and jumping right back into the swing of things…here’s some bands that don’t fucking suck in no particular order, because to hell with order.



HAETHEN: a band previously featured in MxC; nature-based black metal that is everything black metal should be. I encourage you to lurk back issues (you can find the article online) and read up on these guys. Definitely worthwhile.


THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS: I’d been waiting for the release of their newest album, Penny The Dreadful, for a long time and it did not let me down (as usual). They’re some of the hardest working, most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with, and I wish them every success possible.


THE CONNECTION: rock ‘n’ roll in its purest of forms. I was first introduced to them two summers ago when they opened for The Muffs in Brooklyn, and I’ve been hooked ever since.


THE EVERYMEN: large band, larger sound. Great rock soundtrack for getting sunburnt to absolute shit after being dragged to the beach against your will.


SADGIQACEA: pronounced sad-juh-kay-sha, a layered and heavy black/sludge metal duo that sounds like a swim on the river Styx. Trippy and resonating.


CRAZY & THE BRAINS: fun punk/anti-folk for those who love…Lindsay Lohan…? Well, yeah. And also partying in basements, beers, possibly puking on a pair or two of shoes, and punching your best friend in the eye. No but really, they’re very fun.


CASUAL: basement-y jams with activism on the side; members of this band have formed an art space in Flemington, NJ and you need to know about it. They’re linked to other great zine-y, distro-y things within New Jersey as well.

THE DISCONNECTS: still a personal favorite even when I’m not looking to get drunk and dance and then have to rest my forehead against a cool mirror in a dive bar bathroom for 45 minutes. Punk rock ‘n’ roll that’s true to its predecessors. Never a wrong time for that, am I right?


CICADA RADIO: do you like post-hardcore with an indie undertone? Then you like Cicada Radio. Already. You’re very welcome.


OMINOUS BLACK: LSD whiskey metal from South Jersey. Need I say more?

THE SOUNDS IS FINE: rising from the ashes of The Nico Blues, a rock ‘n’ roll supergroup that’s all grown up and ready to get down and dirty with the bidness.


Obviously I couldn’t list every band I listened to this summer, and most of them were bands from the ’70s and such with few or no surviving members anyways. Sorry if I left anyone out; feel free to bitch about it to me in person. I’ll apologize. I promise. Really.

I’m always looking for more things to cover, topics to write about, and input/advice for this column so find me and get involved. That’s what this is all about, guys.