Maria’s Local Radar: Airacuda

My local friends and family, I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe holiday season! I can’t believe how fast 2014 went, but 2015 is coming in strong with a vengeance. I already have tons of shows lined up to attend with national acts having local support, album release shows, tours, and so much more. Looking forward to also discovering some new acts this year, as I know many of you may have a New Year’s resolution of starting a band. Hell, if you didn’t, maybe you do now!

This week, I am going to talk about a group that I have recently gotten into thanks to the Asbury Park Music Awards. They were nominated for Top Rock/Pop Band, along with many other talented artists, and I decided to do some research. They go by the name of Airacuda, and they were the only group on the list I hadn’t discovered yet. That being said, I haven’t looked back, and I feel this is the start of a long-lasting relationship here.

Airacuda started back in the dark ages of 2012 as some talented NJ natives, with members including Eddie on bass, backing vocals, keyboards, and violin, Matt F. on guitar, Matt M. on vocals, rhythm guitar, and keyboards, Ronald on drums, and Phil on guitar and bass. Yes, you read all of this correctly, each member is multi-talented, and brings a lot to the table. In my research, I found out that they are Berklee alumni, which means they are also most likely very smart musically, and knowledgeable in a sense that not many musicians could understand. Yes, I am making an assumption here, but it’s a positive one attached with a compliment, so take it with strides.

Upon analyzing their biography and photos, I then naturally had to dive into the music, for that’s what is most important after all. Their self-titled album will really keep you guessing, and insanely intrigued. Nine tracks, all different from the next, have my ears perked to their highest listening zone. The album opener, “Cannonball,” was the perfect start-off track. It leaves you with a new form of energy, throwing it all on the table. When I first heard the vocals, I immediately thought Young The Giant. Not to compare them, but trust me when I say, that is a huge praise coming from me, since they are one of the best bands out there right now. However, don’t get it twisted, they are not mimicking anything here. This track is extremely original, intricate, and polished. As much as I love it, I am happy to say this isn’t the only track on the album. Do proceed, to get what you need.

Next, I fell into “Can I Get By,” which had me hooked on a completely other angle, the lyrics. Of course, the musicianship is clear and crystal on here as well, but the words are what hit me the hardest. Really take a listen here, and I think you could apply it to vast situations throughout your lives. The vocals are unbelievable, and these guys reliably find a groove with the music throughout. This can also be said for tracks like “Lies” and “Winter Blues.” Maybe it’s just me, but on a personal listening level, I almost feel as if I get lost in their music sometimes, which doesn’t happen very often. Their sound is very refreshing and noncommercial, although these are the types of songs I yearn to hear on the radio. I highly recommend Airacuda and all of its tracks to each and every person who enjoys good, natural, talented music. I think they have a solid future ahead of them, and I cannot wait to fall in love with their live set.

What does the band name mean? I am not sure yet, and I am determined to follow their story and find out much more than the eye can see. Whether they are doing this just for fun or trying to make a career out of it, they will succeed either way, as their talent speaks volumes. If you want to learn more about Airacuda and all that they stand for, you can check out their website at They are also all over social media, including Facebook at They are very interactive with fans and are always posting shows, and they deserve your undivided attention! Airacuda: If you are reading this, let’s set up an interview, since I am officially on the fanwagon. From start to finish, this band leaves me wanting more.

I will be back next week with another local artist of your liking; keep on sending those submissions to me at I read them all, love them all, and support them all! Just give me a little time to catch up, it’s a busy scene out there!