Maria’s Local Radar: Hold Your Own

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: It’s time to chat local music. So, what shows have you seen lately that are worth mentioning? I saw some kick-butt bands, all from original, to cover, and even some national acts. I try to get out to at least one show a week to keep my music knowledge sharp and my ears consistently ringing. You should do the same (just throwing that out there). Now, let’s get back to business. I want to chat about a band that I have been seeing all over social media as of late, without even searching. You may or may not already have heard of this band, but if you haven’t, I am here to persuade you to continue into the fan zone. Please allow me to introduce, or reintroduce you, to Hold Your Own.

Lately I have been on a rock kick; this isn’t to say I am biased to this genre by any means, but bands are really making a splash these days in the local scene. Maybe it’s just what I am feeling right now and where I am at in my life, but either way, it can be enjoyed by all. That being said, let’s learn more about Hold Your Own.

Hold Your Own is a rock band from Voorhees, New Jersey, with Rob Crews on vocals, Blake Horney on guitar, Steve Iannettoni on drums, Chris Baker on guitar, and Lake Muir on bass. Upon hearing about them, I did some research, trying to see what it is about them that gave them that “it factor,” and it was actually very easy to distinguish. I checked out their music video for “Broken Windows,” and fell in love. This track can be found on their album And Beyond, which we will touch upon in a bit. I highly recommend you watch this video, for it will sum up what they are about in a nutshell. It allows you to hear how talented they are, the energy they bring to their live performance, along with their sense of humor. They seem to be very lighthearted, and you will see what I mean after watching this video. Whether in a bubble bath with girls or rocking a dollar sign gold chain, they really grabbed my attention. Don’t let this take away from the fact that they are super talented, but it just gives you a new appreciation of who they are. If I heard this song with no visual, I would imagine something completely different, and I find that to be very refreshing.

I’d have to say that And Beyond is astounding as a whole, as there isn’t one song I do not like. “Eventually” is a solid album opener, setting the tone with undeniable energy that will get you singing along with no problem. I also really like “Cut Them Loose,” and find this could be an “anthem” for many people. Take a listen to the lyrics and you will see what I mean.

One song that hit me personally was “Nevermind,” for on the surface it may seem like a boundless jam musically, which it undoubtedly is, but I have a tendency of overanalyzing lyrics (you will understand if you are an avid reader of this column). I could easily apply the words to specific situations in my life at this moment, and those are the songs that always stick with me. I am sure their fanbase will agree that there is a track on this record for literally anyone if you just open your mind and not just your ears. The album closes with another tune that really stuck out to me, entitled “Lucky Me,” which really just sums up how talented they are musically. Each member brings a lot to the table, and I thoroughly enjoy their abilities to make good music.

Now, it’s been almost a year since And Beyond was released, and according to their social media, they are busy playing shows and entertaining each and every one who desires to be entertained. I even saw they recently played a show with one of my favorite bands, Major League, which I wish I hadn’t missed. Hopefully they are working on some new music for me to add to my library, as I will be a strong fan of this band as long as they allow.

If you want to learn more about Hold Your Own, see their amazing music videos, and naturally, catch a live set, head on over to their Facebook page at We all should indeed hold our own in life, and when it comes to talent and originality, they 100 percent “hold their own” (see what I did there?). Also check out their Bandcamp and YouTube pages, as I am certain you will find some entertainment (along with a full album stream, of course). I truly feel this band is on the right path to success—they have the look, the sound, and the style. Job well done, boys. Keep up the good work!

I will be back next week, and may have migrated from my rock kick by that time, but I need your help! Send me your tunes to and help convince me that your band should be in the Local Radar. Cheers!