Polaris Rose: Telescopes

Polaris Rose is a duo made up of musicians Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse. The band is based in Los Angeles, where they have made a stir on the music scene with two EPs, The Moon And Its Secrets and OceanSongs. A year after the alternative rock act released a debut EP and their debut full-length, Telescopes is finally ready to be heard.

The vocals provided by Elyse are pure; her tone is impeccable. Harmonies are very tight between the band members. They sing together so well, which is probably a result of their innate chemistry. The lyrics are refreshingly expressive and communicate a clear message. Occasionally, the guitar steals the spotlight from the vocals with a cool riff.

“Telescopes” is a true alternative rock song complete with drums, guitar, vocals and crashing cymbals. The optimistic “Cityscapes” features descriptive goals, high energy and a close harmony. Taking it a step down, “PonyTail” relaxes the ambiance with a carefree, nonchalant mind frame. “Set Me On Fire” has a slow, creeping rhythm with a strong bassline that will keep you swaying. The catchy “A Diamond In The Sunset” is a track about an open confession set adorned with whimsical depictions.

The best characteristic of Polaris Rose is their natural harmonious flow. They’ve got a unique situation in the sense that they have a really good balance between their musical efforts and relationship to each other. There isn’t a forced bond or lack of one either, but rather it seems like they’ve found a good bond without having to work too hard. They’ve set high hopes, and I expect them to step out of the comfort zone and be musically adventurous next time around.

In A Word: Organic