Within Temptation: Let Us Burn

Within Temptation’s recent release of Let Us Burn is a promising live compilation of 34 tracks from several of their previously released albums. The female-fronted symphonic rock/metal band chose to feature multiple songs from two of their most favored shows, Elements and the Hydra world tour. Recorded on two separate dates, the album features the band’s highest fan-requested songs. As any music lover can attest, we certainly appreciate any group that wants to give us a live experience, especially if they plan on playing any of the songs that made us the loyal fans we are.

With any live album, we must accept the cheers and clapping of the crowd. Luckily, the only song that is somewhat negatively impacted by this is “Iron” when an eager fan is screaming while Sharon den Adel’s singing. Later, the fans quiet down during a slower track, “Fire And Ice,” where delicate keystrokes on the piano enhance Adel’s soft and lulling vocals. The band does not neglect its former hits and fan favorites like “Stand My Ground” and “What Have You Done,” eliciting audible excitement from the audience. Adel’s melodic voice remains clear and authentic throughout the album, while the instrumental beats remain perfectly timed and in tune. The sound quality is unexpectedly noteworthy for a live album, avoiding the typical vocal drowning due to the bass and drums that often occurs. Having been playing for over a decade, Within Temptation have clearly taken their musical experiences to create the most enjoyable concert events for their fans.

Available with CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc options, Let Us Burn is a quintessential must for any Within Temptation fan or anyone who enjoys the symphonic rock/metal genre.

In A Word: Precise