Maria’s Local Radar: Corrina, Corrina

My local friends, we meet again. Here’s to hoping some local music can make your week a little brighter. First and foremost, huge shout out to my local friends Sekond Skyn, who will be opening up for HELLYEAH at Starland Ballroom on March 1; huge gig for you guys! I love seeing popular local talent getting to open for national acts; keep working hard, and everyone’s time will come. Also, good luck to my friends in Toothgrinder, who are about to embark on another tour; go get what’s yours! There is so much to be excited about. That being said, let’s keep the excitement going with putting another talented act in the spotlight, shall we?

This week, I am going to feature a band that I am certain many of you are familiar with, for they are making huge dents in the local music scene. I recently found out about them through the Asbury Park Music Awards a few months ago, and I have been in love ever since. They go by the name of Corrina, Corrina. Are you already a fan? I am sure many of you are. However, for the rest of you, it’s time to change and open some ears.

Corrina, Corrina is a punk band from Red Bank, New Jersey, currently signed to Little Dickman Records (in the company of some other amazing bands like The Battery Electric). The band consists of Brian McKenna, Matthew Kessig, Deaglan Howlett, and Kyle Donovan. Their album American Short Stories is available now, and also the reason I am so into their sound. It’s full of life from start to finish, and let me explain why.

If I had to describe their sound, I would say if you listen to bands like The Menzingers and The Gaslight Anthem, then they are right up your alley. Not comparing their sound and style by any means, but they fit into that category. Now, I could break this record down track by track, but I am not going to. The truth here is, every song has a thorough, distinct, and unique feel to it. Every song, in my opinion, is a winner. “Denim Jacket” is most likely my favorite track, as it has undeniable energy and gets you hooked from the first beat. This record isn’t overwhelmingly technical, since what you see is what you get: good, solid punk music.

Some of you who aren’t into this genre may have the “punk” scene labeled in your brain as people in a certain click, but this is actually not the case at all. Sure, all of the punk bands in our scene tend to stick together and support one another, but that is how a solid foundation should be; there is room for everyone. Corrina, Corrina, however, sticks out to me, and I cannot exactly put my finger on what the main reason is. Maybe it’s because they seem to exist in a tunnel of their own style, doing things their own way. Or, maybe it’s the fact that their live set alone will make you a fan, and the fact that their album is so good is an added bonus.

You can catch Corrina, Corrina live at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch on Feb. 7 with a ton of other talented young acts, so be sure to get out and show your support. If you can’t make that show, there will be others in the near future, as they seem to be a household name in this area. Their fanbase is getting solid, and I feel as if I am hearing or seeing their name everywhere these days. They are very interactive on social media, sharing their tour dates, music, videos and more, so be sure to head on over to their Facebook page and give them a “like” at You can also check out their album, which is 100 percent worth a listen (or 10), at While you’re over on that site, be sure to check out their whole roster, for I am certain you will find something over there to your liking. I am becoming a huge fan of Corrina, Corrina and hope they continue to make music that makes me smile.

I will be back next week with another band of your liking, or who knows, maybe I will switch it up with an interview or something of that sort. After all, we have to keep it fresh, for that’s what the local scene is all about! Until next week, my friends, rock and roll.