Maria’s Local Radar: Black Wail

Hello my local friends, it’s about that time, and you know what that means! Fresh talent on the horizon; it may not be old, and it may not be new, but it’s blowing up our ear waves, and belongs in the spotlight.

First and foremost, I have to bring to your attention the new EP from The Parlor Mob entitled Cry Wolf. It’s available now on their website, and it’s some of their best work to date. If you know me at all, you know I am an avid supporter of this band since day one, and I am so glad to see they are back at it. I highly recommend you pick this up if you are looking for something completely satisfying to add to your rock and roll library.

Next, I have to shout out my friends in Sekond Skyn who completely tore it up (not literally) at Starland Ballroom with HELLYEAH on March 1! I think it’s safe to say they are back … or never left. That band never disappoints! These are just a few examples of all that is ruling in the local music world we call home. If you have any cool things happening that you think I should know about, be sure to email me at

Now, it’s time to get back to the Local Radar, shall we? This week, I am going to indulge in a band that you may or may not already know, either way, they need some praise. I recently found out about them through a band that I have loved and supported for quite some time now, The Battery Electric. They were a part of the amazing bill on their recent record release party at The Asbury Lanes a few weeks back. They go by the name of Black Wail, and let me tell you why they rule.

Black Wail are a rock and roll band residing from Jersey City, New Jersey, with members including (this may or may not be their government names) Slazzer, Susan Lootin’, Belkins, Bram, and Pistol. Summing up their style and sound in a nutshell, Black Wail “are a dynamic, hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll band who make heads spin and asses shake.” Yes, those words are in their biography, and it couldn’t be more suiting. When I saw they were on the bill of that record release show, I decided to stumble upon their self-titled EP, which left me yearning and wanting more. All three tracks were super-charged, no filler, and compacted with intensity. “Fools,” although only lasts two minutes and 10 seconds, found its way into my head for a long period of time. I had to listen to this record on repeat to fully appreciate what was happening here, for it took my energy level to an all-time high. I love the drums on this track, as they are dynamic. There is something about this song that just makes your hands fly in the air, and if you have long hair, it somehow manages to sway on its own. I absolutely love this song, and it’s definitely my favorite track on the EP. However, don’t get discouraged, there is more for your liking.

On a longer note, let’s talk about the track “Dyed.” This song showcases a slight heavier side of the band, mellowing things out while allowing you to lash out at the same time. This song leaves a long-lasting impression of just how talented these musicians are as a whole, as you can hear every note being struck, firm and hefty. For a song that is over eight minutes long, I never found myself bored or wanting to hit the skip button; in fact, I actually repeated it a few times to thoroughly appreciate what this band is capable of. Check this one out if you are dying to see how much they can bring to the table, for it’s a plateful. This EP is a must, and I highly suggest you pick it up and check them out.

While I usually fall in love with a band once I see them live, this group has already won me over without me stepping foot into their concerts. I will, for sure though, be in attendance at the next one in my area, for I know they are going to rock my world. If you want to learn more about Black Wail, access their show schedules, photos, music and more, be sure to “like” their Facebook page at You can also find some live video and become very interactive over there, as they are constantly showing love and admiration for their fans and other bands in the local area. Tell them Maria and The Aquarian Weekly sent you, I am sure they will not object!

I will be back next week with another band that is blowing up the local market. In the meantime, keep on sending in those new tunes! I am yearning for a spring playlist to come along with some warm weather (well, at least maybe one of those two will happen). Until next week, my friends, rock on!