Maria’s Local Radar: The Scandals

Hello my local music friends, we meet again. I have been keeping busy with tons of things happening in the area, including Mumford & Sons coming to Seaside Heights, The Moms opening for New Found Glory at Starland Ballroom, Kid Felix killing in South Jersey, and of course, The Scandals going on tour with The Gaslight Anthem. It’s definitely a good time to be a part of the New Jersey music scene, that’s for certain!

On that note, I want to talk a little more about a band I just mentioned, The Scandals. If you’re a punk fan, or a fan of good music in general, then you probably have already heard of this Bayonne outfit. They’ve been at it for over 10 years, but let me tell you, their hard work has paid off. If you are unfamiliar, let me try and get you on board with what is the future of punk rock, The Scandals.

The Scandals are Jared Hart, Anthony Iarossi, Paulie Yaremko, and Sean Carney. The first time I heard this band, I immediately fell in love. I have seen them play all over the state, including small places like The Court Tavern, to sharing the stage with The Gaslight Anthem—whom they are currently on tour with—in New York City. They have left no stone unturned on their rise to the top, and that’s the direction they will continue to head in.

Jared Hart’s vocals, right off the bat, will have you hooked immediately. He has a severely strong range, with a whisky-soaked rasp that will make you swoon. I’ve seen him solo and with the band, and let me tell you, his voice is untouchable. It makes you respect the songs that much more because his voice tells the story. Of course, the band is equally as talented, showcasing that they too are the crème de la crème. I have once reviewed their split with Jaguar Sharks, so you may have seen them in this column once before, but I am here simply to pay homage to some strong, New Jersey talent.

Recently speaking with Jared, he told me their new music is almost ready, and I and many other music fans are eagerly waiting. Their music is always compacted with a ton of energy and excitement, and I am sure they will add another chapter to that book.

So, I always try to recommend some songs from each band that I feature, but I really cannot pick one. I truly love “Hungry,” but no one is forcing me to pick! I think if you start off with this track it will set the tone for what you are in for with the band; pure badass, good music. Their older stuff, “The Sound Of Your Stereo,” has yet to leave mine, even though they released back in 2010. That says a lot, that this band will, time and time again, stick with you. The beauty about punk music is, it never has to be too serious. It can be about almost anything; whether a breakup, your feelings toward any topic in general, getting rowdy, or basically anything you want it to be. There isn’t a master formula, but if there was, I’d say The Scandals have got it down to a science. Punk is … well, it’s easier to say what it’s not than what it is, and that is what I love most about this genre. In a time where much music we hear is rather stale, they’ve seemed to find a way to engross bits from new wave and other post-punk engagements while somehow upholding their edge and uniqueness.

Aside from touring with The Gaslight Anthem and getting ready to release new music, The Scandals will be playing the Skate And Surf Festival in Asbury Park (Sunday date), and I will be front and center singing along. It’s always cool to see this band doing such big things, for much of my friends and co-workers are just as big of supporters as I am. I truly feel these guys are the next big thing, and if you want to jump on the bandwagon now, we wouldn’t be mad at you.

To learn more about The Scandals, be sure to check out their Facebook page at Over there you can find exclusive videos, tracks, tour photos, and just a hell of a good time. They are very interactive with their fans, so be sure to demand they come tear up a venue in your town. If you want to let loose, have a good time, and just forget your troubles exist, see their live set. I promise you—and I don’t make promises I cannot keep—you will leave feeling better about yourself and the state of live music as a whole. The Scandals are the whole package; the look, the sound, the style, the talent, they have it all. What makes a good punk band? The attitude behind the band, and they’ve got that for days.

I will be back next week with another band of your liking, whether punk, rock, alternative, or whatever it may be, so keep on sending me your submissions! I need some new tunes to add to my playlist, to sit right next to The Scandals. Watch out world, this band is taking over. See you next week!