Maria’s Local Radar: Bounders

Wednesday is upon us once again. After months of hibernation, I am finally emerging from my winter cocoon and getting out to more shows! The sun stays out a little longer, and I can tolerate having to be a little chilly in a venue. That being said, I have been to some great shows in the past few weeks, including All Time Low at The Mac at Monmouth University, Every Time I Die and The Used at Starland Ballroom, and many, many more. Naturally, although these are all national acts, I still have my fix and radar out for the local acts.

Today, I am going to talk about a band that I like to call a “supergroup.” Compiled of old members of some of my favorite acts such as Graviteer, these guys have a new sound and are emerging as a group you should watch. They have just finished up some new music that they provided me to review, and I am naturally going to do just that. They go by the name of Bounders, and the rest is history. Let’s get to know them, shall we?

Bounders are an alternative band from New Jersey with members Justin, Drew, Matt, Rudy, Rob, and Jason. I love a good, solid six-piece, as it really makes the sound as full as it possibly can be. They’ve been this band for a short time now, so they may be new to you as well, but you will recognize the style of many of the members, for as I stated previously, they’ve all been in the game in other projects. Their newest venture, however, must be the one that sticks.

They have a very soothing sound that I could hear being played on Alt Nation in a heartbeat. Most recently, they released a track called “Awkward Flowers” that was beautifully written, in style and lyrical content. The vocals on this track are original, intricate, and very polished. I have been a fan of Justin’s voice for years, and combined with these other five outlets, it’s a perfect match. He is dark-timbered with a wide and effortless range. However, it’s not all him. Even the backing vocals on these tracks have the ability to blend energetic rock and jazz-esque tones to create an alternative sound. Does that sound weird? Yes, and it’s intriguing as hell. The instrumentation is also beautifully laid out here, and I think you will find something you truly enjoy. These guys are young, but their musical knowledge is much older. Their sound is mature, and the product of a band that knows their boundaries and what they are good at.

Bounders also sent me a few other songs to review that I am still checking out, however, I wanted to bring their single “Awkward Flowers” to the table. In regards to those other tracks, the songwriting is skillful. Harmonies are tough to find these days; when tracks progress from slow and mature naturally into something larger that just showcases musical talent. This is what we have on our hands with Bounders, and it’s a stunning quality. With non-standard guitar tunings and stimulating progressions in the verses, their songs make for quite the exclusive listening experience. Having known a lot of these guys’ musical backgrounds, I think they have matured like a fine wine.

If you’re a fan of Young The Giant, I think you will dig this band. Not to compare their sounds at all, but that is the vibe I get (it’s a huge compliment, trust me). Bounders are starting to play a lot of shows in the area, so be sure to find out when they will be appearing at a club near you. Having already shared the stage with some great acts such as Prehistoric Forest, I think it’s safe to say this project will stick (at least, I am hoping).

To learn more about Bounders, head on over to their Facebook page at These New Jersey boys are no strangers to hard work, and they will keep pushing until you find the time to enjoy their soothing sounds. Thanks to Cody Cutter for taking this photo, and I hope to see many more of the boys on stage in the near future. Stay tuned for an article in the near future reviewing some more awesome new music from these guys. In the meantime, take a listen, give a like, and show up to their shows. Well done Bounders, I look forward to being a part of the future.