Maria’s Local Radar: Decypher

Local friends and family, we meet again. It’s crazy to think the month of May is in full effect and it’s almost summertime. This year has really flown, and I have experienced and seen so much new talent, it’s overwhelming!

This week, I am going to focus on a band that has been around for a few years, so you may already be familiar with them. They recently shared the stage with Aquarian Weekly household name, Lower The Veil, at The Saint in Asbury Park. This band goes by the name of Decypher, and I am just starting to get on board. They are hard rock at its finest, and are very well respected in this New Jersey music scene. Hailing from Staten Island, the band consists of Mike D’Ambra on lead vocals and guitar, Tim Anastasio on lead guitar, Leo Sabatino on bass and vocals, and Donn Parent on drums and vocals.

The first time I head of Decypher was on my good friend Lindsey Klein of WDHA’s local music spotlight. They really blew me away with their acoustic performance, so I wanted to hear how they sounded in full-throttle rock mode. I fell in heavy love, and it’s been history ever since. I am planning on getting out to see these guys Saturday, May 16, in Seaside Heights at the Jersey Shore Festival, along with dozens of other local names.

The first track I indulged in for this band is called “One Last Day.” While there are many elements as to why I love this song, I think the strongest point is the lead vocals here. They soar, and are clear as glass. Mike’s voice showcases incredible range, and is very easy on the ear. I could easily hear this track on mainstream rock radio, for it’s a certified hit. The lyrics are very powerful as well, with a solid message behind them.

To turn the table, check out “Father.” This song is clearly very emotional, like a page out of a diary. I think a lot of fans would be able to relate to this one on a personal level, in more ways than one. However, don’t get it twisted; this is a still a heavy-hitter musically. The drums are spotlighted on this track for me, and I really enjoy it. In fact, each instrument is showcased heavily here, making you realize just how talented they are as a whole. This song backs my theory that every track a band puts out should have certain subtleties; the rise and fall of a mood, the use of memorable flows, and breaks to be amplified. This will then attract a broad section of music lovers, like me.

Decypher are not out to change the world of music; they are out to do what they love, and they are damn good at it. They aren’t creating a new genre or sound, nor are they mimicking anyone else; they are themselves, and that’s what matters. Making rock music doesn’t always go over well, but for these guys, their talent almost seems effortless. I mean, after all, I first found out about them acoustic, and loved them before I even realized they were plugged in. Making rock and roll music isn’t as easy as it seems. Because we are talking about a band that plays and writes their own music, I have to just take notice of their collective ability to compose good stuff. Again, it’s not as easy as it seems. And what puts bands at the top of the shelf is their capability to continue to do so time and time again. This band has proven to me, with the sound of all of their tracks, that they can do just that. I have yet to see this band live, however, I have a feeling they will blow me away based on videos and comments on socials.

If you want to learn more about Decypher, access their music, and find out when they are playing a show near you, you can like them on their Facebook page at They have some music on there for you to stream, and are consistently in contact with their fans and other bands. Tell them Maria sent you, and give it a try. I promise, if you’re a fan of rock and roll, this will not disappoint you.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking. See you then!