Maria’s Local Radar: Backyard Superheroes

Have you ever been to so many concerts in one month that you cannot even decide which one was the best experience? That is what I am dealing with right now. Granted, it’s an amazing problem to have, however, I have seen so much talent in such a short span of time, it’s tough to keep track! I recently saw my friends in New Theory open up for Papa Roach, along with New Jersey natives The Gaslight Anthem, The Front Bottoms, The Parlor Mob, and so many more. Is it possible to say that each show was better than the last? Kudos to all that New Jersey has been bringing to the table as of late. That being said, if you have any local talent that you think I should be checking out, please never hesitate to reach out to me at After all, you are my eyes and ears, and I love hearing feedback. Now, let’s get into some more talent that is buzzing these days, shall we?

This week, I want to talk about a band I recently saw at Skate And Surf Festival in Asbury Park, amongst dozens of other bands. However, they stuck out, and I remembered them vividly. They go by the name of Backyard Superheroes, something we all aspired to be as children. They had an energy that I couldn’t seem to shake; as you know those festivals have dozens of bands, but trust me when I say, they stayed with me.

I have yet to meet Backyard Superheroes, however, I feel as if I have known them for years. I had an instant connection with their performance, as they demanded the crowd’s attention. Backyard Superheroes consists of Josh on guitar and vocals, Matthew on guitar, Greg on bass, Ryan on drums, Gary on saxophone, Lou on trombone, and Bruce on trumpet and vocals. They’ve been around since about 2012, yet are still on the path of getting their name out there, by playing shows, doing contests, and promoting the crap out of themselves (you’re doing it right, boys). Yes, this is a large posse, and each member brings equal talent to the table.

Backyard Superheroes consider themselves “nerve-wave ska,” and they hail from Central Jersey. Now, I must be honest, my criteria for any ska band is very simple: Did you make me jump out of my seat and start skanking as enthusiastically as I possibly could? If the answer is yes, then I am sold. Here, the answer was HELL YES, and I think everyone around me will agree this is a resounding yes. There is no doubt that they hit a 10 on the scale in my book. They have a way about them that even if you are in the car waiting to pick up your kid from their show, you will throw it in park and come party. After the festival, I started listening to their recordings. Although they fit in the ska genre, they have their own sound, remaining catchy and contagious. It’s plain and simple; they are talented musicians. This is a perfect band to add to your summertime playlist, trust me on this one.

Songs I recommend you check out from them include “Can’t Stop,” “So Much More,” and many of their awesome covers. They throw their own twists on bands such as Blink-182, Ivy, and so many more. I also love “Chill Out, Dude,” for how many times in our lives have we wanted, or actually said that to someone? I feel a lot of their songs are relatable on various levels, without crossing the line into “deep” territory. These guys aren’t out to change music; they are out to do something that they are pretty amazing at, and make people smile. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression that I get. It almost appears effortless to them; like a bunch of dudes who are good friends making music, which people love! All good vibes here; hence why I wanted to bring them to your attention. In fact, they even describe themselves in a few wise words, stating, “we’re a rowdy, loud band that you can’t resist moving around to.”

You can learn more about Backyard Superheroes on their Facebook page at They also have Tumblr, and all that fun stuff, so be sure to show them some love, and tell them Maria sent you!

I will be back next week with another band of your liking, who knows what the genre will be. However, I must say, there are a few ska bands on the radar, so get your game up everyone else! Get outside and enjoy the warm weather, and take your Aquarian with you. See you next week.