Made Violent: Made Violent EP

Recently, rock band Made Violent experienced rising fame. The Buffalo, New York, natives found themselves on the stage for the CMJ Music Marathon in October and South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, in March. The band propelled into the spotlight after the release of its song “Wasted Days,” and the momentum’s built ever since. It is no surprise that their recently released self-titled EP, Made Violent, is catchy from start to finish. It showcases the band’s gritty, garage rock sound with a hint of pop catchiness, making for popular tracks.

Made Violent is the band’s first major release beyond a two-song release from 2014. The group consists of guitarist and vocalist Rob Romano, bassist and vocalist Joe White, and drummer Justin Acee. It started as a few best friends making music until it became so much more. Made Violent’s overall sound is best described as a combination of Cage The Elephant meets The Orwells with its carefully crafted guitar riffs and garage band sound. Each track flows into the next one, creating seamless transitions and a pleasant listening experience.

The opening track, “Two Tone Hair,” instantly draws the listener in with its fast-paced guitar work and carefree sound. This dance-worthy track sings of fun-loving passion the way it should—simplistically, yet detailed in the right ways. The song mentions subtle details such as playing The Rolling Stones and name-dropping the “two tone hair” for which the song is named.

Segue into the next track, “On My Own.” It brings down the dance energy a notch, but there is not a lack of power behind it. Independence is the prominent theme showcased in this song with lyrics discussing leaving what was otherwise a lost cause situation.

Now, remember “Wasted Days?” The breakout tune concludes the EP with its high-energy guitar work. The ballad discusses feeling alone and having faults. However, it is carefully masked by the upbeat sound, making it an easy listen while conveying the core message.

Hometown success story Made Violent will continue achieving rock greatness after releasing this EP. The band proves its sound is catchy, smart, and creative wrapped up in the package that is its first big music release.

In A Word: Exciting