Quimby Mountain Band: Quimby Mountain Band

Quimby Mountain Band’s self-titled third album demonstrates the depth their music holds, and each song has its own story to tell. Several of the band members contributed lyrics for the CD, and this creates a blend of musical styles that boasts individual personality in each tune while seamlessly tying the disc together.

The first single on the album, “Town Of Love,” pulls the listener right in with a pleasing mix of instruments and lyricism. It showcases the band’s ability to craft songs that will instantly get people to dance while providing a meaning. Lead vocalist Jesse Bardwell sings, “I was sick and needing aid/When you touched me I felt saved/Was it all a dream?/Are you really the one meant for me?” The song explores one of the simplest aspects of human emotion, and that is love.

“Breakin’ The Bank” is another highly touted single on the album, and it boasts the lyricism of guitarist Matt Schmidt. It ties into the theme of discovery and journey, which gives this album fluidity. In the end, the person in the song ends up back home despite initially wanting to get away from the familiar.

There are a variety of danceable songs, ballads, and bluegrass-flavored tunes on Quimby Mountain Band, plus guest performers such as Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth. Harry Noble’s guitar work is second to none, and Bob Noble on bass and Matt DiPaolo on drums rounds out the five-piece ensemble. Quimby Mountain Band consistently ties back to its roots, and this album is arguably their best one yet. It evokes love, remembering your home, and doing everything with heart and soul. The band continues to grow musically, but it still keeps the signature style that fans have come to love.

In A Phrase: Remembering Their Roots