Maria’s Local Radar: Life Eaters

The warm weather is here, what else could be better? Concert season is in full swing, and I am seeing more and more local bands getting added to some huge shows such as The Von Mons on the Gentlemen Of The Road Festival, Inventure on Summer Slaughter at Starland Ballroom, and many more. It’s always refreshing to see national acts and venues open up their arms to the sounds of local music. Best of luck to all of you who have a show coming up, I feel like a proud mama!

This week, I am going to talk about a band that I recently found out about through a show at the Asbury Park Yacht Club, a cool little local venue right on the boardwalk. If you’ve never been there, you should check it out. During the day, it’s a bar/clothing store (drinking while shopping? Hello…this is a dream), then they do live music at night, with more drinking, of course. I’ve seen bands of all levels there with everyone from Those Modern Cavemen to The Parlor Mob. It’s always a good time with a unique feel. Anyway, back to focus. This band I am going to talk about recently shared the stage with one of my favorite acts, Wreaths. They are called Life Eaters, and their sound is full of flavor. Haven’t heard of them? No sweat, I am new to the party as well, let’s learn together.

Life Eaters is a band from Jersey City and all around that area. I love this band’s sound, as they are very fresh and innovative. The song that has me hooked right now is called “A Cut Above.” It’s super heavy, without being too aggressive. They called it a “blast from the past,” and I couldn’t agree more. They have a live video of this song on YouTube from a performance they did in Bayonne, New Jersey, and I highly recommend you check it out. You will see in this video an energy that is showcased as natural and raw.

A recording you will also want to check out is called “I’m The One You Wanted.” This one isn’t as heavy at all, really showcasing their vocal talent and range. The guitars are also very prominent on this track; you will understand what I mean once you hear it. This song came out last year, and I am mad at myself for just getting into it now. However, with the amount of times I have had it on repeat, I think I am making up for lost time to say the least. I could easily hear this song on Sirius Faction, one of my favorite stations playing all of the punk/grunge/rock hits. I am not sure if I could put this band into one specific genre (not that I have to), but you have to hear their sound for yourself to describe it.

Life Eaters have been playing shows all over the Tri-State Area, with a very eclectic choice of bands. This is always super important, especially when you want to broaden your fanbase. All of you North Jersey folks probably know this band as a household name, but we South Jersey people are just getting started!

If you want to learn more about Life Eaters, access their music, and demand they come to your town, be sure to like them on their Facebook fan page at You can also find them on Bandcamp, YouTube, and all over the web. They also have some of the coolest artwork out of any band I’ve ever seen, so be sure to check that out on their page as well. Not only does it describe where they are playing, but it lets us know their creative side as well! I will do my best to be front row at Life Eaters’ next performance, because judging by their YouTube videos, their live energy is top-notch.

I will be back next week with another local band, or event that is on the radar, ready and willing to bring it to your attention! If you know of any events or shows happening in the area, be sure to send me your information to I am always looking for the voice of the people, for after all, that’s how we discover cool projects! Until we meet again, friends, enjoy your week. I will see you next Wednesday.