Maria’s Local Radar: Glamour Assassins

Hello friends, we are back with another week of local music. I have to start off by saying, keep on sending in those submissions for review, because that is how I have found out about a lot of fresh talent these past few weeks. For example, the band I am spotlighting this week wrote to The Aquarian, and it got sent to my inbox. A few days later, magic happened, and it’s all history from there. Nothing goes unnoticed, so be patient, and keep on plugging! That being said, let’s get down to the point of business: the music.

This week, I am expanding a little bit out of my local range to a little surrounding state called Connecticut. We have so much talent in and around our area, so we might as well open up the doors to extend a few more miles, right? Right. This band goes by the name of Glamour Assassins, and they hail from New Haven, a city I personally adore. Glamor Assassins consists of Jared Savas, Nick Post, Jose Novo, Carrie Martinelli, and Gil Morrison. They have a fresh, original sound and style that really grabbed my attention. I think you will dig them, so let’s explore a little deeper.

Upon first listen, I really couldn’t pinpoint a specific genre to throw them in. Not that you have to, by any means, because bands don’t need to have their sound labeled. However, if you’re browsing through some tunes, and you need to know where you can “find them,” they describe their sound in a very eclectic way. “We are en electrifying blend of indie rock, dance punk, new wave, and synth pop.” Upon listening to their smash “Never Get Caught,” I see exactly what they mean by this description. In the opening parts, I want nothing more than to throw on my ’80s shades and move, busting out some old dance moves. As the song continues, I feel as if I am brought back into modern day, almost with a song that I would hear on SiriusXM Alt Nation. I love this track, and it really got me on my feet.

I then proceeded to check out “Scumbag.” Well, there are a few reasons I like this song; number one, the title. I feel like a lot of us could dedicate this to many people (not trying to burn anyone here, but we all know one). Listen to the lyrics here, and feel the energy. This is somewhat of a summer anthem to me, for I love everything from the rhythm, the words, and the style. Blast this track at a party in your backyard, and if anything, the neighbors will come on over and join.

Glamour Assassins are in a bracket of all their own. In the track “Ain’t So Young,” they showcase their musical talents the most. This track is a little rawer, allowing you to slow down from the dancing for a second and enjoy the true beauty of their flair. The vocals are on point here, along with the message they are putting out there. Even the backing vocals are strong here, and I could see this track being in a memorable love scene at the movies (I mean this in the best way possible, of course). Their recording energy is undeniable, so I can’t even begin to imagine the liveliness they bring to a live performance.

Judging by their Facebook page, they play a lot of shows all around the surroundings areas, so I highly recommend you find the time to go check out their live set. Not to judge a book by its cover (that’s not what we do here), but they appear to have the style to go along with the sound as well. Kudos to you guys; it’s all in line!

If you want to learn more about Glamour Assassins, access their show dates, music, videos, photos, and much more, be sure to like them on Facebook at Over there you can send them a message, and demand that they come to your town. They also have a SoundCloud page and so much more you can check out while you’re over there. I am a newfound fan of Glamour Assassins, and I know you will be too!

Keep on sending in those submissions, and you may land up getting your big break in the Local Radar! Cheers.