Maria’s Local Radar: Legacy

Friends, family, and avid Local Radar readers, we meet again. It’s about that time we chat local music and everything in between. I recently received an email regarding an act I have never heard, and started swooning right away! They go by the name of Legacy—heard of them? If not, no worries, we are about to catch you up to speed.

Legacy are an up-and-coming rock band from Freehold, New Jersey, with Frank Piccirillo on vocals, Jordan Moed on guitar and vocals, Cody Tarrant on bass, and Zakk DuBois on drums and percussion. Now, the beauty about this band is they are fresh on the scene; in fact, they just started playing together this year. They describe themselves, stating, “This wild rock quartet from the great state of New Jersey is making waves and taking no prisoners. Their goal; expand minds, and change the game of the music industry.” First and foremost, I like their enthusiasm. Many bands don’t realize how hard it is to make it to where they want to be in this industry, but Legacy seems to have the drive that they will not give up until they get there.

Legacy, although now established and getting their name out there, wasn’t always official. In fact, at first, it was a thought to fill a space in a “void” they all had. They were brought together by fate, and haven’t looked back since. They have a bunch of upcoming show dates in the area, including The Stanhope House on Oct. 22 and The Brighton Bar in Long Branch on Nov. 21 (this show is with one of my favorites, Killcode). They consider their sound to be “party rock” and I’d have to say I agree with that description. They definitely have the style you want to crank up when you have a barbeque happening in your backyard for a Sunday Funday.

The first track from Legacy that I indulged in is called “Hampton Jig.” This one definitely got my juices flowing, and it gave me a good idea as to the sound and style in which they are trying to portray as a group. The lead vocals here are very clear and dominant, and the rhythm is very catchy. I could hear this track almost on a crossover of active rock, with a little down and dirty twang. I also found myself watching some of their videos on their YouTube channel, and I really enjoy their stage presence. They have the style, the look, and the edge. They posted a recent performance from The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, and it really captivated their energy in their live performance.

While I really enjoy their recordings, I think their live performance is really what will sell me. As I posted above, they have a lot of dates coming up in the area, so there is no excuse to not catch them. If you want to learn more about Legacy, and support the upcoming cause, you can like them on their Facebook page at They also are on YouTube, Instagram, ReverbNation, and more. With their drive and determination, I think they can make a splash in the local market and beyond. I also love on their socials (as you will see), that they show love to other local acts, supporting the brand as a whole. This is very important when trying to network and expand your fanbase, so kudos to you guys as well. Hey, you never know, when you send an email over to The Aquarian Weekly, it just may get in the hands of someone seeking new talent to talk about.

I will be back next week with another act, interview, spotlight, or show review (that’s the beauty of this column, you just never know). See you there!