Maria’s Local Radar: Morningside Lane

Fall is in the air, and so is new music! This week I am going to focus on a band that has made quite the splash on the local scene, and have even been featured by me once before. Ever heard of a band named Morningside Lane? If you haven’t, I suggest you come out from under and jump on board, because they have a long resume! They recently sent their new EP over to the Aquarian, and luckily it got sent my way. These guys have been popping up left and right on my radar, in which I will explain why a little later on, but it’s great to say their new music is awesome. Let’s indulge.

Morningside Lane is an alternative/indie rock band from Fort Lee, New Jersey, with members Marc, Jon, Ori, and Jake. They’ve been around since the dark ages of 2009, and have been at it ever since. I could go on for hours about things they have done over the years, but I am here to talk about their new EP, Recovery Signs, that recently got released.

The first single, “Who We Are,” had caught my attention when it so amazingly premiered with PureVolume. I think this track was the perfect choice for a first single, and I will tell you why: It’s compacted with the perfect energy, amazing musicianship, and vocals you will never forget. I love everything about this song musically that I almost forget to take an in-depth listen to the lyrics, which made me fall in love even more. I think a lot of people can probably relate to this song on various levels, and that’s what showcases good songwriting. I could most definitely hear this song on alternative radio, and I hope one day I do.

The next song I dove into is the album title-track, “Recovery Signs,” and it took me on a complete spin. This track is a lot different, and a lot mellower. It made me feel really comfortable, and I migrated to the lyrics first this time around. After one listen, I immediately let this song take me to an imaginary setting of sitting in a friend’s yard in the summer with a few drinks, talking about our favorite tunes. I love this track and everything about it.

“Another Place” is a song that is definitely worth a listen. I am not sure which member of the band wrote this one, but it had the most impact on me emotionally. Not to get all sappy and sorrowful here, but this is a perfect example of a song that you could take very, very personally. Take a listen and you will see what I mean.

I have been a fan of Morningside Lane for quite some time now, and I think this EP has taken the band in a completely new direction; seeking higher ground. It fully showcases their talents not only as musicians, but as songwriters. I know their live performance well, and when you can hear recordings that impact you just as much as a live set, you know you have a good record. I highly suggest you buy this EP, but you can also stream it on Spotify, so you have no excuse not to listen.

Another thing I want to briefly fill you in on about Morningside Lane is that they have recently been added to open up for The Story So Far at Starland Ballroom on Saturday, Nov. 7. Naturally, that announcement alone is pretty cool, but there is an even better twist to it; they got to choose a charity to donate money to between Starland and The Story So Far, and they chose Planned Parenthood. In their own words, “Planned Parenthood has been under a lot of political pressure both external and internal, and we figure in today’s society having an org like Planned Parenthood is essential.” This is very cool of them, and I cannot wait to see them tear up the Starland Ballroom stage!

Morningside Lane has a lot going on right now, and it’s all great! I am so happy for this band; they truly deserve all of the success they get. I cannot wait to see the world fall in love with them like I have. I will be back next week with another band of your liking, so in the meantime, keep on keeping on!