Maria’s Local Radar: Gina Royale

Every couple of weeks, I find a new artist that is trying to break out; get their name out there, build a fanbase, and put their music in the listener’s hands. Many acts that I write about have been around for a while, establishing themselves in the local market, and building a steady following by playing consistently in the area and releasing new content.

This week, I want to feature a girl who is just getting her feet wet, and making quite the splash already. Her name is Gina Royale. If you haven’t heard of her yet, that’s okay. I was recently sent her music from a co-worker, and as I sit here spinning it, I can already tell that I am a fan. Aquarian Weekly world, please allow me to introduce you to Gina Royale.

Now, I do not know her whole backstory, how she got started, or even what her favorite color is, but I do know one thing: she is out to change the music scene, one day at a time. Gina is a contemporary/pop singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Her debut EP, Heir, is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Upon receiving her tracks, I indulged right away.

The first song I listened to is called “I Don’t Need You.” I think this is a track that many girls and guys can relate to, especially if they are going through a breakup, change in friendships, or even battling issues at a job. It really can be related to any situation in life, good or bad, and that’s why I love this song so much. I think it’s easy to say that this is an “anthem,” if you will. I love the lyrics, and that almost overtook the fact that she has an amazing voice. After swallowing the content, I then realized that the smooth sounds of her vocals are very warm and refreshing. She’s got something here, and I think you all will agree when taking a spin.

The next track I listened to is called “Hello Heartbreak.” This one took me for a real turn. I am not sure if Gina went through something dark in her life or if this song was simply inspired by generic situations, but it is beautifully written. She found a way to turn a topic that can be assumed to be negative into quite the positive experience for me. Take a listen, and maybe you will feel the same.

There is something very unique about Gina Royale; the empowerment of females in the industry these days is very refreshing, and I think she will have no problem at all getting her name on the map. For someone who recently released a debut EP, she gives me the vibe and confidence that she has been around for years (a veteran if you will). I am in love with her songwriting and recordings, and look forward to one day seeing her perform live. If she can ooze emotion through her lyrics on a recording like she has, and have an impact on my feelings through a speaker, I can only imagine the impact she will have on me live. Not to get sappy, but I am a sucker for some good lyrical content.

If you want to learn more about Gina, access her music, find out when she is playing live and just show this new artist some support, you can check out her Facebook page at She also has an official website with everything you need over at I highly recommend you pick up her new EP and check out some of the videos on her website, because I have a feeling you will definitely find something you like. Keep your eye out on this artist on the rise, because she is out to get all of you!

I will be back next week with some up-and-coming talent, or who knows, maybe they will be a local scene veteran; that’s the beauty of the Local Radar, you never know what you are going to get! See you next week!