Maria’s Local Radar – All Time Low – LIVE – Nov. 22 At The Starland Ballroom

Friends, family, avid readers of this column; welcome back. It’s another week to talk music, and with the holidays right around the corner, I have a lot of things on my wish list that have to do with music—concert tickets, vinyl records, and more. I think it’s safe to say those gifts are the kind that keep on giving. Anytime I have a friend over or I am relaxing at home, I turn on a record to set the mood. Anyway, that being said, I was treated to a nice surprise this Thanksgiving holiday by seeing one of the nicest bands around for the sixth time, All Time Low. Yes, this was their seventh sell out at Starland Ballroom, and yes, their fans will always continue to show up, but there is something very special about this band that many people may not realize: they are amazing to their fans.

Upon entering the venue on Nov. 22, a cold Sunday night, I could feel the energy just from being in the parking lot. They were slated to play for two hours, just them, no opener and no gimmicks. However, the mood was dampened a bit when they guys got some heartbreaking news the night before that one of their closest friends had passed away. Every heart in that room felt the pain of the band, as we all have lost someone we love.

But All Time Low powered through and wanted to continue with the show, not missing a beat. They hit the stage around 8:30 p.m., and while the doors were open for a while, they played their DVD on the screens inside to get the crowd warmed up. If you weren’t inside, by the way the fans were singing along, you would have thought the show was happening then.

They kicked off the night to screams and cries from the fans, belting every word to “Lost In Stereo” and “A Love Like War.” They told the crowd that night they were going to also play their EP Put Up Or Shut Up in its entirety, which brought me and a lot of people back in time, with a smile on my face and dancing in my veins.

Each person left the venue that night with a smile on his or her face for many reasons. Not only did they just witness an iconic sell out and set from All Time Low, but they also got to see that these guys are all human; they have raw emotions and have to deal with road bumps in life like we all do, dealing with a huge tragedy. They did an amazing tribute to their friend, and finished the show with smiles on their faces. They all said that this was a night they would never forget, and they couldn’t have gotten through it without their amazing fans.

This article is a dedication to them for being so professional and humble to do what they love, and be there for their fans. I can’t wait to have them back around again, for what I am sure will be another sell out. Cheers to All Time Low and their amazing gratitude, perseverance, and talent. Anyone who was there will agree that Nov. 22, 2015, was a night to remember.