Maria’s Local Radar: Eastbourne

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope your holiday season was filled with love, happiness, and tons of music! We recently kicked off the year at Starland Ballroom with Badfish: The Ultimate Sublime Tribute to a packed house per usual, with some awesome local talent to open the show. It’s amazing how much a tribute band can build such a following in states all over the country; they continue to amaze me! Amongst those bands were the lovely and talented Small Town Scoundrels, Backyard Superheroes, and my friends in Eastbourne, whom I am dedicating this week’s column to. We are here to celebrate the release of their new record, No Vacancy, which is out now! I recently had the pleasure of receiving the album early, and was immediately hooked. There is a little something on this record for music fans of all genres, so let me embark on convincing you to take a listen (although if you hear one song, I doubt you will need much more convincing). Let’s get to it.

Now, a brief background on the band, even though I know many of you are already fans. Eastbourne is a Latin reggae/punk outfit from Long Branch, New Jersey, who formed back in the stone ages of 2011. They have since built a strong fan base along the shore and all over the state, with members David, Nick, and Omar. Any time you see this band live, you leave wanting more. Now, back to the new music, because that is what we are here for after all!

The first track I spun is called “Hope,” which I immediately fell in love with. Not only is the music catchy and superb, but the lyrics are my favorite part. If you take a listen, you will see that this track will be very relatable for many in personal situations (which always tend to be my favorite type of songs). I also love “No Doubt,” which immediately had me bobbing my head in the car. This one needs to be on loud volume to be fully appreciated; it has a slightly heavier feel to it, with almost a “grunge” sound, with loud beating drums and awesome guitar spills. It almost gives you the sense that you are sitting in their practice room with them while they jam, drinking a couple of beverages.

Another amazing track you should give a spin is called “Twenty,” an age that I will never forget. This one is super upbeat, making you want to let your hair down and dance all around the room. This may be my favorite track from the whole album, and for reasons I cannot explain. I guess it’s because it reminds me of summer, when you can let loose with the windows down, and just enjoy the sounds of sweet reggae down the shore.

No Vacancy demonstrates just how talented Eastbourne are not just vocally, but musically as well. For a three-piece, they have quite the full sound here. I have been a fan of their live stuff for quite some time now, and I think these new recordings take them in a grand push forward, in the best way possible. I highly recommend you check out No Vacancy as soon as possible, and to find out more information on them, you can visit Jersey pride shines in them through and through, with a little twist and flavor for everyone. While you are at it, you should check out their tour schedule and find out when they are rocking another bar or venue near you; you won’t regret it.

I will be back next week with another band of your liking. In the meantime, keep on supporting your local music scene; someone has to do it!