A New Start: An Interview with Hiding Out

The local music scene is just another thing that New Jersey has to be proud of. Whether you believe “Central Jersey” exists or not, the area that makes up that controversial part of the Garden State is the most intense when it comes to generating local bands. The town of Freehold contains four musicians that came together to make up the band Hiding Out.

The members of Hiding Out were previously in a different local band together, called Batten Down The Hatches. Even though there is no correlation between the two bands other than the members, it proves that these guys are no strangers to the scene. They know what they are doing and they’ve given themselves the chance to start completely over. With a new name and a new sound, Hiding Out is ready for what coming up as a new band is all about.

Although it is only the beginning for this group, their debut single “Light Me Up” and its accompanying music video shows promise for their future. I had the pleasure of asking Joey Dicamillo, guitarist of Hiding Out, a few questions about their journey so far as a new band.

How long have you known each other and how long has each member been playing music individually?

Me and our bassist Bryan [Little] literally grew up playing music together, and we met Johnny [McManus] and Kevin [Sardy], our frontman and drummer, towards the end of high school and have been with them since. Everyone pretty much spent their formative years playing music individually.

What was the reason behind the change from Batten Down The Hatches to Hiding Out, and how have the fans reacted?

The only relevancy about Batten Down The Hatches was the relationships we formed with each other and with the music community. We’ve always been very fortunate within the music community at home, since the earliest days of performing and releasing music everyone has been beyond receptive and supportive, nobody could ever want more.

What kind of direction will Hiding Out be headed in that is different from Batten Down The Hatches?

This isn’t the same band, so the two trajectories are without relation to each other. That was our band during our formative years, needless to say things are quite different now after time spent refining who and what we are as musicians and as people.

What kind of feedback has the first single, “Light Me Up,” received?

The reception to “Light Me Up” has been thoroughly positive and so intoxicating. We’ve finished this EP a while back so we didn’t know what to expect when finally releasing these songs into the world. It is the most indescribable feeling having people consume your art in a positive way.

The lyrics, “Cause I have a tendency to lie/but I’m not ready to say goodbye,” are very powerful in this single. What was the influence behind these lyrics?

Some of my favorite lyricists don’t reveal the specific meaning of their words because it gives them a definitive existence and strips them from meaning whatever else it may have meant to other people. I’m huge believer in that when you release a song or a piece of art it’s no longer entirely yours. Its definition belongs to those who consume it. That being said, the video for the track has lot more than surface-level meaning in regards to those lines.

When can we expect a new release and is there a specific sound you are going for?

“Light Me Up” is part of an EP, the details of which will come forth very soon. It’s hard to entirely describe our sound as are most things in 2016, I feel. With access to so much music it’s very easy to be exposed to all kinds of genres and eras of music that will eventually factor into what influences you to create. We all definitely have a penchant for ‘80s pop, R&B, and Third Eye Blind, so just that contradiction alone is indicative of our headspace.

What has been the hardest part of writing new music for a new band?

This isn’t a “new” band as much as it has always been “our” band and the music we always would grow into creating. There’s nothing hard about being ourselves. I always strive to stay as honest and transparent with our songwriting as possible. These words and emotions are all real things that have been experienced.

How do you feel about being part of Start At The End’s A New Sound Series?

We’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of this showcase. The Aquarian has always had their pulse on the underground scene and has shown its spotlight deservingly.

Have you played with any of the other bands playing this show before?

Bryan, our bassist, actually tracked Gin War’s “Piece Of Moon” in his home studio and we’ve all been friends with those guys for a long time. We’re very excited to have one of our first live performances be in the company of such good friends and musicians. We’re very close with the community Halogens is a part of as well, so the entire night is going be quite the experience.

Do you have any specific goals for 2016 other than releasing music, and do you have any plans of touring?

We just announced a couple of dates with The Stolen on their spring tour. Our schedule for the summer is just beginning to unfold. We will be on the road for some amount of time, and everything is in the works at the moment. We also would like to enter the studio again this year. You can find our first string of live performances across our social media.


Hiding Out will be playing at Start At The End’s A New Sound Series on March 30 in New York City. Their single “Light Me Up” is available on Spotify and iTunes, and its music video is available on YouTube. For more information on Hiding Out, visit facebook.com/hidingoutband.