Maria’s Local Radar: An Interview with Billy Nally of The Wrecks

Hey friends! I recently chatted with my friend and New Jersey native, Billy Nally, about his up-and-coming band, The Wrecks! You may recognize them from SiriusXM, being on tour with Nothing But Thieves, and just kicking butt in general. Check out what they have coming up, and get to know them a little bit better!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Being a New Jersey native and so active in the scene, how has life been adapting to L.A.?

It’s been a weird change for sure but has been an AMAZING ride so far. After having seen the scene out here now I can still say NJ has one of the strongest scenes I’ve seen.

Describe your sound a little bit for us.

The Wrecks’ sound has a bunch of different things thrown into one. We all have our individual inspirations that are fairly different from each other but it always works out. We are always compared to Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys, and The Arctic Monkeys. We are still developing our sound as a whole but those bands are the closest comparison.

I love your new video for “Favorite Liar.” That track is awesome, and is even getting some love on SiriusXM Radio! That must feel cool.

The reaction behind “Favorite Liar” so far has been amazing. Getting about 400,000 plays in about two months is not something we thought would happen so fast. We were actually walking off stage and we had tons of Twitter notifications about people/family/friends hearing “Favorite Liar” on the radio and it was just a surreal feeling.

I am also so excited to see you guys are once again hitting the road with Nothing But Thieves. They are blowing up right now! How is it working with them?

The guys in NBT are great guys. Our last tour over the summer was with them and it was great. They have a true fan base in the U.S. for not being a known band for too long; people were flying around to multiple shows. We are actually management-mates with NBT so we are lucky enough to have been friendly with the guys before tour even started, so that just made tour even easier. This tour on the other hand…will be insane. Can’t wait to hit the road with the boy again!

I love your EP We Are The Wrecks, available now. How has the reaction been to it thus far?

Thank you! The reaction has been great. “Favorite Liar” being the single with the best traction has been doing amazing; was beyond surprised to see how well it was doing so fast. The EP as a whole has been a great time. We have gotten so much support behind the band it’s amazing.

After touring, what is next on your schedule?

Our next show is actually at The Union in Hollywood on July 12. Then the Nothing But Thieves tour starts September 14 so we will be spending lots of time getting ready and preparing the show.

Tell us something about The Wrecks that we would be surprised to know.

One interesting thing is that we recorded the EP in a home studio that we weren’t really supposed to be in, so when we were all done, we had to scrub down the studio and wipe the computer clean. To this day the guy has no idea this happened!

Haha, well I won’t tell! For those who would like to get in touch with you, where can they find you?

For anybody looking for us on socials you can find us at @Wearethewrecks on Twitter and Instagram, plus The Wrecks on Spotify and Facebook.