Maria’s Local Radar: An Interview with Parachute

New Jersey music lovers, we meet again! I had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite bands these days, Parachute, before they come back to Asbury Park! This time around, they will be performing at an awesome new venue called House Of Independents right on Cookman Avenue. We chatted about their current tour, music, and much more! Check this out.

Thanks for taking the time to chat, where are you guys right now?

We are currently in Albuquerque, NM!

How has The Wide Awake tour been thus far?

The Wide Awake tour has been by far our greatest achievement in our band’s touring career. We’ve played in front of the biggest crowds we’ve ever seen, gotten to travel to all of the far corners of the U.S. and Canada and done all of it with our most elaborate visual and audio production. Needless to say, it’s been a blast.

You guys have been to Asbury Park in the past, but this is a new venue that you will love. House Of Independents July 29. Can you tell us a little bit about what the fans can expect?

We were really excited to hear about the new spot in Asbury. It’s always so fun and engaging to be able to check out new venues throughout the country. Our show there is going to be a loud and fun pop rock party with a little soul flare thrown in the mix.

I have yet to see you live playing songs off your latest release, Wide Awake, available now. The record is amazing, how have the fans been reacting to it thus far?

Fans have been really supportive and active in spreading the word about the record and the whole project has been well received. There’s a great balance of different vibes from explorations made on all of our past albums with an emphasis on that signature organic Parachute sound.

After years of touring, is there a specific place you always look forward to playing?

It’s always fun to go to more exotic places one wouldn’t ordinary associate with a musical performance. We have a few outdoorsy guys in the camp that would love to get up to Alaska one day soon.

What would you say you enjoy more, live shows or the studio?

They are like apples and oranges (I’m sure that comparison is made all the time). For real though, the studio environment is so much more explorative with finding that perfect word, or sound, or part, whereas touring is all about feeding that crowd energy and connecting with the fans.

Parachute is very connected with their fans on socials. Is there a platform you prefer the most that everyone can stay on top of all that you have going on?

We all probably have our go-to, but for the most part, we enjoy them all the same. They are so incredibly engaging and an absolute must this day and age.

Once the tour is over, what’s next for your #SummerPlans?

Resting for a few weeks but then getting back at it preparing for the Tour De Compadres in the early fall with Needtobreathe and friends. I saw the tour last summer and I can assure you it’s one not to miss.


Catch Parachute live at House Of Independents in Asbury Park July 29. Tickets are available at They’ll also play The Space At Westbury July 30, and tickets are available at For more information on the band, go to