Maria’s Local Radar: Public Access T.V.

Summer is halfway over, is this real thing? My time has been occupied with work and I haven’t been getting out to as many shows as I would like, and that changes starting now! I have a few on my radar including Brick + Mortar at House Of Independents August 13, Blink-182 and All Time Low at PNC Bank Arts Center August 14, and of course, the sold-out Motion City Soundtrack August 6 at Starland Ballroom. So there you have it, making up for lost time.

That being said, I recently discovered a band that I am really into that I wanted to share with the world (or, to our readers). The band actually grabbed my attention by their name, which is Public Access T.V. Yes, this is seriously their name, and it’s awesome. They hail from New York City; a garage rock band that has “drawn comparisons to The Strokes and The Replacements.” Yes, we agree, those two bands are completely different, but at the same time, that description had me just as intrigued as you are. Hey, after all, just because French fries aren’t supposed to be dipped in honey, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good. Ironically enough, they have opened for The Strokes and many other notable names, including Weezer and Gang Of Four. Pretty kick-butt if I do say so myself. Let’s proceed and dive a little deeper, shall we?

If you thought your summer was cool, Public Access T.V. are currently in the UK, getting tons of press, shows, and airplay. Pretty rad, huh? Although we are insanely jealous, this is a huge move for their careers. Of course, we must chat about their music.

The first song that caught my attention is called “Sudden Emotion,” and it did just that. I suddenly realized I found a band I wanted to get to know more about. I love the intro on this track, and the vocals are on point. I am unsure who wrote this one, but the lyrics also stuck in my head for a minute or two, which is always a positive thing. This song is just a teaser for everything that they are capable of.

Public Access T.V.’s new album, Never Enough, set to be released Sept. 23, has a little something for everyone; edge, style, originality, flair, and so much more. Not that I am trying, but I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. From tracks one through 12 I fell in love, deeply. Some personal favorites that I would recommend are “Evil Disco,” “End Of An Era,” and my personal favorite, “Sell You A Lie.” The songwriting is brilliance; I could see some fangirls getting these lyrics tattooed on them, just throwing that out there.

It’s settled that I love their recordings, now I just need to catch them live. When and where can we do that? Check out their Facebook page at to find out tour dates, access music, view live content, photos, and just keep up with their rock star lives. You can also visit their official website at

More and more, it’s hard to find new music I can get into, and these guys have broken the mold for me. Aside from having the look, no thrills are necessary; it’s just damn good music. I highly recommend you hop on board while you can, because that train line is getting long. Hopefully one day I can sit down with these guys and hear their story, from their side. Until then, let’s keep rocking.

Until next week, my friends, keep on sending over those music submissions. Cheers!